red goes faster

spaint 2

Deck design and name by my 8-year old son. Feedback welcomed! (Startup format, Ashes+System Gateway+System Update)

6 Jan 2022 Diogene

You have 4 targets for Isolation. This is a bit low. You could the the influence to have one Rezeki, which would provide you with a great drip economy.

You could also replace one Legwork (or the Jailbreak) by one Docklands Pass. Personally, I would prefers to have 3 Jailbreak and one Docklands Pass, because it is cheaper.

Paladin Poemu has very few target, considering your deck is essentially made of events. You could use the influence to have Liberated Account, which would give you a lot of credits.

Finally, if you go for a single Earthrise Hotel, you would probably be better served by a single The Class Act. It would allow you to filter your draw better.

Those are my suggestions. Thanks for sharing your deck. Good luck!

6 Jan 2022 ShinMuteki

You could switch Paladin Poemu for a Mystic Maemi who will help you pay for events and will free some influence for maybe something else.

7 Jan 2022 spaint

Thanks both for your comments! My son is thrilled to get feedback :) Paladin is mostly there because he likes the art, but he agrees that it's not the best fit for this deck - and we will cut it for the next iteration. We'll definitely try the other suggestions that have been made here and try to tighten this up! Thanks again!