2016 - Xanatos Gambit

Theyos 69

A "Most Wanted" update of one of my favourite decks of the past year; Xanatos Gambit by tiedyedvortex.

Points and alterations

  • 3x Eli 1.0 -> 2x Quicksand: The crux of the change, Quicksand doesn't waste clicks and doesn't have multi-sub end the runs, but it still discourages frequent runs with the potential to reach sky high strengths on well-trafficked servers such as HQ or R&D. The majority of the defensive power of the deck comes from NEXT Ice (and sheer terror, of course), so we don't strictly need 3 of this.

  • Architect stays: Architect is just too powerful a recursion and R&D screening card to be let go of, meaning we take the -2 influence hit.

  • Mother Goddess: A one-of to prevent a dead draw and just in case you're lucky enough to hit it early to solidly shut down a central.

  • -1 Mushin No Shin: Trading off 2 Architects for 1 Mushin No Shin is acceptable, and the deck is still easily playable without drawing Mushin, just be sure to scare the runner first to make him hesitant to rush into your slower advanced asset.

  • -1 Cerebral Overwriter -1 Melange Mining Corp. -> 1x Aggressive Secretary + 1x Plan B: Adding some variety to your ambush pool allows you some powerful effects that you may really need, such as setting back the runners rig or letting you advange agends in complete safety if you have your HQ locked down, or if they try a cheeky Account Siphon to run remotes risk free. Alter these proportions as needed, though personally I'd still keep the brain damage potential as the foremost threat, especially with this ID.

All in all, I love the end-of-year rule changes and am looking forward to the new deckbuilding challenges it will create.

Edit: Changed the title to be more future-proof and less memey. Happy New Year, Everybody!

31 Dec 2015 GrantZilla1979

I run a version of this one too, but it died to Parasites fairly easy. I didn't have to alter it too much, but I kept the Eli and lost a Mushin. I think this archetype is post-FAQ ready. Maybe not Tier 1, but do we really know what Tier 1 is now?

1 Jan 2016 trogdor

I've been using plan b in my take on this for awhile. An unsung hero for sure. I was using back channels though. Will have to rethink things with architect now.

12 Jan 2016 LankeOnLuck

Project Junebug might work in this deck. Goes well with Mushin No Shin and you do have the influence.