NEXTflix and Chill Out ( Post NAPDLMNOP)

ctz 2215

Drangus coming back at ya. NAPD LIST? Who cares?!?!?! Just a bunch of doctor's orders. NAPD list is great. If you are upset, just play this.

Genders: ABT Trigger you won't. NAPD took the bullet for GFI. Virtuvirus has a 3/2 on it.

Jacko: Just use it.

2 Year Annual Upgrades: Why upgrade when what you have has been working? Ash, caprice, and Kr1$ Grid still work.

Operation: Get paid son. Sub is sick, thank you @SeIverin

Rice: NEXT is great, Viper is sick, barriers are boring, Turing is excellent.

Just play it ya dingus, who really cares anyways?!?!

1 Jan 2016 ANRguybrush

Great list, but why play a third food when you can just slot one napd?

1 Jan 2016 dlthorpe

Because with the new NAPD wanted list, simply including one of the NAPD agendas lowers the decks influence by 1 to 14.

1 Jan 2016 dlthorpe

I must be still drunk :)

1 Jan 2016 nobo

Yeah Andrew I'm pretty sure you are playing an NAPD this. Not you should play an NAPD, I'm pretty sure you literally were playing an NAPD today.

1 Jan 2016 ctz

@Nobo715 I was playing 1 NAPD because I couldn't find my third Grangus Food Initiative. I still recommend 3 Grangus.

4 Jan 2016 tzeentchling

Atman 4 still makes all your sentries cry. Maybe nix the Ichi, put in 1 Roto and 1 Assassin? Ichi is good though. Maybe drop to just 1 Gold instead?

4 Jan 2016 Murphy

Hmm, ETF, odd choice. Did you consider using Custom Biotics for MWL abuse? ETF gives you credits, you can just click for those ya dingus.