Anything for a Buck (Post-NAPD Drug Dealer Faust)

Thike 1193

First draft of the newer, slightly weaker Faust Gabe. Run Amok might be stronger than Parasite, especially with SoT. Crescentus Spam is also worth trying. We'll see! I like the attitude of this deck too much to let it die easily.

1 Jan 2016 moistloaf

interesting point about Run Amok. it's effectively the same influence cost as Parasite now, and as you mentioned it can be SOT. definitely a card that Gabe can leverage very well

4 Jan 2016 Thike

He needs some sort of ICE hate, and Parasite leaves a hole to be filled. Run Amok is a really powerful card, and I can see it being brutal when spammed.

The other thing I'm looking to try with that 3 inf is 3x Blackmail +3x Corporate Scandal. 2nd click Blackmail out of nowhere seems good.