Homeless Kasparov v3

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This is a combo deck based around 3 cards, Pawn, Scheherazade and Deep Red. Please read about the strategy and combo here: http://netrunomicon.com/b003/

This is a tweaked version of this deck to increase tempo and initial aggression, as I found that MO was both too slow and just not used enough during the game to be worth it. So I replaced it with Armitage to increase speed

I've replaced Kati with Aesops and I need clicks rather than pure money, and Æsop combos great with both Armitage, Daily Casts and even the leftover SMC or first pawn you play on your Scheherazade.

I've removed a Knight and added an Imp instead, in order to somewhat counter combo and Fast Advance decks, as initial Sansans or full HQ with Operations is difficult to crack. The Imp further combos with Æsop, Scavenge and Scheherazade which is also very nice.

v3 Replaces RDI with Indexing to keep up early preessure and adds a sharpshooter to save me from destroyers.

24 Mar 2014 duk

I have been following this list since the first version, and I have to say I really like the idea. I haven't had a chance to test the deck myself, but two concerns come to mind. I like replacing sure gamble with dirty laundry, which become only a one of. Perhaps this is an unnecessary inclusion letting you cut to 45? Secondly, I would consider inti as a way to cheaply break the highly popular ice wall, paper wall, and most importantly wraparound. Thoughts?

25 Mar 2014 db0

Getting the four credits for Snowball is not that big of an issue if you really need it.

29 Mar 2014 jeibel

Tried it 3 times in some firendly FTF games but it tanked when it did not draw deep red (all 3 times). How do you manage such a situation ? i saw you won a store championship with it, there must be ways around it.

30 Mar 2014 db0

It's simple, don't focus on the combo. It's good when it hits, but don't ignore all else to try and make it happen.

30 Mar 2014 jerklin

I played a variation of this combo for awhile and your Aesop's and Imp additions seem to address some of the issues I was having.

I also like public sympathy to keep your hand size up while you hunt for combo pieces in the early game.

And Sneakdoor Beta + Imp in shaper is just mean :)

30 Mar 2014 db0

Yeap those two splashes catch the most by surprise. I especially love pulling a Run Sneakdoor + Trash with my last imp counter, scavenge imp, run sneakdoor + trash another card, run sneakdoor + steal agenda :)

Actually pub. sympathy is not so much for the combo hunt, but more for when you already have the combo, because you tend to draw so many cards, you can't use them all but it's a waste to throw them.