CT Siphon v1.1

Corence 32

Reasonably typical Siphon CT deck. This was the first runner deck I played that I felt really comfortable playing, and a similar deck with some small differences led me to my first tournament prizes way back during the Lunar Cycle. I stopped playing it for a while since I thought it'd have too much trouble with NEH. Now that asset spam is even more prevalent I feel like the deck should be worse, but it's been doing surprisingly okay in testing.

I really like Modded here. Most people will think it's weird with Test Run / Scavenge, but it's great early game to reduce the tempo hit from Opus, and it allows you to get out the interfaces for just one credit.

Torch is really good against Archangel, and if you're running Test Run / Scavenge why not? Zu13 so you have an SMC option for something like Quandary.

Net-Ready Eyes would be my first cut. Femme as the only sentry breaker can be rough, and this is intended to help with that a bit. I've seen other decks do Dinosaurus since with Scavenge install order doesn't matter, but my Scavenges are already very precious and Dino is expensive. I still have yet to play NRE though -- I might cut it for a second Levy.