NoiseShop w/Sahasrara

imrahil 1219

Been playing this for a while and been working pretty well.

Not MWL legal at mo but move away from clone chip helps. Will probably drop 1 sahasrara and 1 cache and keep the parasites.

Main problem is NBN, losing turntable hurts but this deck really needs grimoire.

Other issues are too many key cards, really need Aesops, Wyldside and Shasarara to get going.

6 Jan 2016 MrAaronSA

I played the earlier version of your deck for a while and really liked it! I'm glad to see you've got some more draw going as that was an issue. I made it MW legal by dropping 1 Sahasrara and 1 Aesop's Pawnshop. I kept 1 copy of Hunting Grounds because it's so good against yellow ice. I see the argument for dropping 1 cache as well, but it feels painful to me as those are really your only source of instant money.

Thanks so much for the list!

6 Jan 2016 imrahil

That wasn't my list, ha. But that list did inspire the sahasarara! Think the deck you are reffering to can be seen in the derrived from section. User called Crack.

I took that deck and tweaked to my own style. More of a streamlined noiseshop style.

6 Jan 2016 imrahil

also @MrAaronSA - I strongly advise against this style Noise with only 2 Aesops. It is so needed, no other economy really.

6 Jan 2016 MrAaronSA

Ah, yeah your deck had the same name so I was confused, sry.

Yeah 2 Aesop's Pawnshop is risky, but I just realized I 'm still running much closer to the original list with Sure Gamble for econ and Djinn to prevent mem issues. I can see in this list it wouldn't work as well.