aSYNChronism (Post NAPD Most Wanted)

Shockeh 751


Update: 06/01/15 - Added CVS, removed Shattered Remains. Crick got dropped as whilst I love it, it wasn't giving me anything as Archives for this deck is so secure. Meru Mati was added as one more cheap Barrier as part of the Keegan Lane cute combo. I'm toying with it being a Wormhole!

Update: 08/01/15 - Oh God, I tried Meru Mati -> Aggressive Secretary, purely on a whim to provide an advance-able trap that also benefits from Astro tokens. T3H LULZ ENSUED.


Nobody likes being tagged. Nobody likes you trashing their stuff. Turns out, they don't like it SO much, that even if you don't have much tag punishment, they'll spend a lot of their time removing tags on the off chance you do. Toss in a few cards they can't prevent you getting use from (Notably, Psychographics) to punish them for floating, and this deck gives you a lot of breathing room.


I have scored the GFI literally once, in maybe 50 games. Usually I'll actively aim to discard it & Jackson it back in. Generally I'll look to run the Astrotrain, score a free QPM or two thanks to Data Raven / Gutenberg, and occasionally I'll Psycho out a Beale. The strength of QPM plus News Team cannot be underestimated, it is really quite difficult for the Runner to reach 7 points against this.


J-Ho is obvious. News Team is Shi.Kyu on crack, and is basically the MVP of the deck. If you land two of them, you've made it so they must steal at least 5 Agendas to win, which is frankly hilarious. Add in QPM, and you can see how the numbers start to stack against the Runner quite badly. Snare! is included purely for the tempo hit, or for tossing into a server when they're on low money but I know they can/might burst; I try to get them to run something expensive so I get a scoring window afterward.


I hate Keyhole. I hate Medium. That is all. :) I occasionally use a Keegan as a bluff install to see whether they like to run no ICE, unadvanced remotes. Otherwise, his job is if you get a Keegan Lane to fire, always take their Fracter to re-enable the Wraparounds.


Nothing unexpected here. Just good, strong, and importantly cheap cards. Sweeps Week often gets taken back as 'spare' Jackson recursion.


ICE selection is intended to punish the most common breaker suites. You will make Mimic/Faust very sad indeed. If you get a Keegan Lane to fire, always take their Fracter to re-enable the Wraparounds. Turing is a secret MVP, and the scoring remote should generally be Turing and/or Wraparound, and a Data Raven for tag purposes.

8 Jan 2016 Diegofsv

Great deck. I'm toying with similar ideas too. Just to tip you out, now you can edit your deck and set legality to MWL already :)

8 Jan 2016 Shockeh

@Diegofsv Already done; I don't know why it doesn't show up when published. :S

8 Jan 2016 Diegofsv

@Shockeh Oooh, didnt know that. Alsciende is probably thinking about filters by legality for the future so maybe thats why we dont have the legality here yet.

10 Jan 2016 Shockeh

Oh, random gimmick: versus Faust/D4V1D, put the Turing over R&D - it doesn't get the bonus Strength so D4V1D can't break it, so they're forced to use clicks to access.

Just a funny little thing to do occasionally.

16 Jan 2016 JimmyDeemo

How do you find the econ in this? I find it can be quite problematic at times in my Sync deck.

19 Jan 2016 TheBjorn

Tried this yesterday but with: - 1 Aggressive Secretary (played her in other decks and find her really hard to bait into effectively) - 1 Psychographics (I felt one was enough) +1 Snare (because of multi access hate) +1 All seeing Eye (because nothing makes Noise sader)

Absolutely loved it! Havent had this much fun playing corp in a long time so thanks for the deck. MVPs where split between Keegan (when he killed the last fracter in my opponents deck and I had wraparound on RnD, HQ and scoring remote) and News Team (when my opponent installed HQI and stole two of them on turn 1).

Like HalfDayDeemo I had some trouble with econ at times but the deck can win when poor still with the AstroTrain.

19 Jan 2016 Shockeh

@TheBjorn Good to hear!

The All-Seeing I is a card I swap in & out occasionally, for the same reasons as you. I found I really wished I had the 2nd Psychographics though when the Runner reaches 'Fuck it!' stage, and starts loading up on tags. YMMV on that one, I think.

Dropping the Aggressive Secretary vs. Snare! for multi-access I'm a little less keen on, because not having at least one advanceable trap means they'll quickly work out that any card you advance is definitely an Agenda.

Fun trick to do - If you have an Astro token, install a QPM then advance once behind a Data Raven. They'll always run it afraid it's an overscoring Beale or GFI. Fine, it's not the Holy Grail of the free QPM, but it saves you 2 credits and 2 clicks anyway.

Latest change for me was to drop the Tollbooth, as I never have 8 credits to res it, in exchange for an Enigma, but it floats around as to what it should be. I've been very tempted to try & shoehorn in a very cheeky Ichi 1.0.