The Not-So-Sunnyside

GoldenHawk 57

So this a Sunny deck that I've been trying to make work for a while now. The main problem has been finding the balance between enough draw and enough (early) economy. The idea is to find a way to install 3x Rabbit Hole and Security Nexus early and put on pressure while building your Rig with The Supplier and Career Fair. Modded helps a lot with the Nexus and the breaker installs.

In any case I'm going to explain some thigns I've considered and I'd like to get some input on which way I should take this. I know it's a pretty standard Sunny deck but hey, we've all go to start somewhere.


  • Around mid- to lategame this deck starts kicking ass, and simply locks every server available down. Nowhere is safe.
  • Economy is a beast once it gets going
  • For a Sunny deck, there is a surprising amount of draw


  • Early game economy is hard. Too often I find myself having too many cards in hand, since Quality Time or Earthrise Hotel bring too many expensive cards up (Supplier helps here).
  • FA and Deep Assets are tough, since the early econ is slow. With all the AssetGags popping up, that's been a major hinderance. On the otherhand, MWL screwed over Astrotrain, so that helps

Ok, and onto the card choices

  • The pretty basic bread and butter Sunny cards, including Underworld Contact, Data Folding and so on. You all know how this cookie crumbles.
  • Multithreader is an amazing card. But it is also very. Very. VERY slow. I mean, yeah sure, once you get your breakers up it helps, but it's a dead draw early on. There might be a case here for +1 Magnum Opus or even 2 if I can find the influence.
  • No Power Tap. To be honest I've been juggling back and forth between PT and Drug Dealer, and they're pretty much interchangeable. One might make a case for -1 DD, -1 Rabbit Hole, + 1 Supplier and +1 Something (Kati or Jak maybe). Or maybe +1 Quality Time. In any case, DD is probably the weakest card here and is going to go in the future.
  • Quality Time.. I have a hate/love relationship with the card, since this deck can't afford to trash too many cards. I'd love to have Diesel instead, or maybe even both, but given the limited inf, no can do.
  • HQ Interface is a tremendously good card early in the game, when you can push it out with The Supplier. It forces the corp to spread out ice and install agendas behind weaker remotes, and later in the game it helps to lock down both R&D (Globalsec Security Clearance) and HQ.
  • Standard breaker suite works well enough with Nexus, Multit, HQ and GSC
  • Employee Strike is very situational. I find myself often playing it deep in the late game, since then it can help me pressure the corp for those 1-3 critical turns that it takes to make all their economy go away and steal the agenda that would've won them the game. Still, it's a nice card to have, but it might as well be something else.

Possible ways to go in the future

  • Vamp is awesome. It's a bit antisynergetic with HQI, and I tried it before but I felt like I didn't have enough burst economy to make it work reliably.
  • Calling in Favors seems like it would be a solid card here. Definitely something to consider.
  • Off-Campus Apartment could help with the draw problems that can arise if you're unlucky with Earthrise and QT.
  • The Source might help to slow down the corp early game, but the problem is drawing it consistently in the beginning. If I want consistency, I need 2 or 3, but later in the game it's a dead draw when your Rig is set up.
  • Street Peddler is an amazing card, but with no recursion atm it is extremely risky to lose a card like Film Critic or well, anything that's 1x.

PS. Wasn't sure how to input multiple inspirations for this deck, but also giving a credit to Sunny Lock Down ( and the recent Sunny's Halloween Party (