Sol et Nubes

Lorgar 78

My version of Sol which I developed and adjusted during this winter season. I went 3rd with it at the playoffs of your Berlin Netrunner League. It is a NBN midrange deck build more on stability as fast advance types. The Targeted Marketing works nearly every match up, when you know the architype of your opponents deck. Against Anarchs I love to set it on Parasite, against Crim it is just insane against Accout Siphons. Don't forget that you may change TM also when you score an agenda.

The mix of Ash and Caprice makes that deck work. I try to put one or both in remote, click with the Melange and wait for 2 or 3 ICE to put down on it. In the next step I begin to score. In the late game I take one of the upgrades for R&D. An alternative is to rush an Astro early with a News Hound + Wraparound. Predictive Algorithm works against poor Runners. Maybe I change to more NAPDs.

The ICE is a strong mix. An Archangel in an outer position makes runs on Centrals taxing, the Pop Ups makes runs on Archives or the PADs more expansive. The servers to guard are the scoring remote and R&D. Interns give you a tool to recover the upgrades or Melange when you need it.

I haven't thought much about MWL changes but maybe I cut the Astros for Explote-a-poloozas or Character Assasinations and the Eli for the NAPD influence.