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KJGriffin11 14

my first corp deck, I played a demo game with a Jinteki deck and really enjoyed Jinteki's playstyle. I took a decklist I found online and played around with it. Some constructive feedback would be greatly appreciated

10 Jan 2016 Hapless Hero

So it looks a bit like you've confused how Jinteki: Personal Evolution and Jinteki: Replicating Perfection are traditionally played. Not to worry, you can do similar things in both. But I want to suggest some changes that play much more strongly to the ID that you've chosen, and you will hopefully see why. Many of the changes do not make sense if you are instead playing Jinteki: Personal Evolution, so if you prefer that style more, I'd suggest changing your ID.

Here are my suggested changes:

I'd suggest an ICE suite that looks more like:

Barrier (4)

Code Gate (8)

Sentry (6)

Total: 18 ICE, 6 influence.

You're playing Replicating Perfection, therefore your goal should be to make centrals as painful as possible to get through. Generally speaking you've chosen ICE that are not quite taxing enough, IMO.

Next I would definitely add in 3 Snare! and remove most or all of the advancing traps. You could keep 1-3 Project Junebug if you like, but I'd much rather have 2x Ash 2X3ZB9CY and 3x Caprice Nisei. That puts us up to 10/15 influence.

Now, agendas. I'd probably want to see 3x The Future Perfect and 3x Nisei MK II giving us a total of 15/20 agenda points. Your last 5-6 agenda points could be 3x Fetal AI if you want, or you could try 3x Medical Breakthrough. However, the best is probably 2x Global Food Initiative. Such an amazing glacier deck card. That puts us at 12/15 influence and 20/20 points.

What about the money cards? You're gonna love Sundew. Trust me. It synergizes with Replicating Perfection's ID like no other card. Then you have your PAD Campaign, Mental Health Clinic, and your usual Hedge Fund and even Celebrity Gift and Medical Research Fundraiser. All of those are super solid econ cards for Replicating Perfection.

Now just add 3x Jackson Howard, and you have a very competitive Replicating Perfection deck, and have used 15/15 influence points.

I think this (admittedly massive) change to your deck produces a deck much more strongly synergizing with the ID's ability. You really want to maximize that as much as you can.

Good luck and happy running!

18 Jan 2016 KJGriffin11

@Hapless Hero thanks for the input, but unfortunately I'm currently limited in my card pool at the moment. I currently have the following Core Set, What Lies Ahead, True Colours, Future Proof, Honour and Profit, Trace Amount, and Data and Destiny

18 Jan 2016 Hapless Hero

Okay, so you'll miss a few of the cards I listed, but that's okay. I think the core of the list is still in those sets you have. Good luck!