Haas Bioroid Trashing the Future. 2nd Place (MWL) Tournament

Letsaros 2285

So there i was, 12 hours before the tournament (local Store Tournament that already follows the Most Wanted List), having to decide whether i'd get to play a Harmony Medtech: Biomedical Pioneer awesome deck a friend of mine made and that i've played again before or try and make a rig trashing resilient deck that's gonna help me persevere the Kates and Maxx-es of this world.

My first try as a Weyland main was with Titan Transnational: Investing In Your Future 3x Archer and 3x Rototurret 3x Marcus Batty Shenanigans but turns out i couldn't resist the solid econ and the taxing ice that is HB.

So there it is. Went 3-1 during the day with the sole loss being due to my inability to dig for a Batty to try and prevent a good placed apocalypse that cost me a lot.Pretty straightforward.

Good money
Siphon resilience.

Next ice is taxing for most runners and for all that is Adam and that Always be running crap.

Marcus Batty for rinse and repeat the above plus bonus, health insurance and dental.


Usual HB 3/2 goodness with the occasional Food Production love and 2x Chronos Project because recursion is a thing and when i trash things with Marcus Batty it means i want it to stay that way.


The full Next suite in triples so i get full synergy, 3x Rototurret to poke stuff i want poked or to hit early game tempo of snoopy runners

Added to that an Ichi 1.0 and an Architect so i can do some cool plays or punish careless runs, 2x Turing for Mr Faust and his ugly cousin Eater so i can protect the server that was in danger and to avoid early anarch Siphons without sacrificing a Marcus Batty .

Last two ice slots were easy. Just a cheap Strength 3 etr Ice. Hello there Wall of Static . Long time no see.


It's HB-ETF pretty much buys itself. Adonis Campaign , Eve Campaign + Operations that pay up on the spot or overtime. Combine Breaker Bay Grid for extra love and spice.


Reclamation Order Deserves a spot in my heart. While it does take two clicks to play and Archived Memories is the best choice most times, i can't stress enough how important is to have Battys in play with this deck. I found it problematic if the runner trashed early a Batty or two due to lucky RnD access or HQ access and maybe mid to late game if i have already used up two it's pretty safe to get back 2-3 Battys from Archives, safekeep em in a well guarded HQ or just install directly 1 in the scoring server and be a threat again.

That way you can keep your Jacksons for other stuff while also not be in a situation where you Jackson your Batty back in RnD then having to try and draw him again or even worse, lose him to another RnD run or to a keyhole run while recurving the maximum amount of Battys possibe (Yes the Runner plays the game too and sometimes he actually gets to pass the ice and make successful runs :P )


This deck won against a Kate, a full rig+Eater Siphon Maxx, an Adam and lost to an Apex-calypse since i drew no freaking Battys for a total of 3-1. The Adam victory was a flatline with NEXT Gold + Marcus Batty. Can't win them all. If someone is telling otherwise call him a liar and punch him for me :P .

Now go, make credits and pay them all to our messiah Marcus Batty and let him save your corporate ass! Thanks for reading you people. Good games and luck to all.

11 Jan 2016 ANRguybrush

Pretty cool. Might rip this off.

11 Jan 2016 Letsaros

@mcpba Feel free to rip this off. Pretty straightforward to play. Not going to disappoint.

14 Jan 2016 Hangover_Glory

I am totally saving this to try out after MWL hits.

15 Jan 2016 Letsaros

@Hangover_GloryHope it works for you too :)

20 Jan 2016 Angedelo

This deck is fantastic, such great fun. Gone 6-0 on jinteki.net so far, just wiping out rigs all over the place. I've felt the need to apologise to people for how unfair it seems when Marcus Batty trashes 5 programs on approach to NEXT Gold, which then trashes 5 more and maybe kills them. Just outrageous.

25 Jan 2016 Letsaros

@Angedelo Yeah NEXT Gold is killer with Marcus Batty. It's been working wonders for me. Nice to see it's working for you too. Thanks for trying it out.

7 Feb 2016 unitled

Hello, on @Angedelo's recommendation I took my spin on this to a store champ and came third. Very pleased, my first tournament in ages so really happy! As has been said, feels almost unfair trashing someone's whole rig twice then hitting their hand.

One addition I made which I'm really pleased with was Corporate Troubleshooter. Won me two games single handedly! Only had one, but could easily be persuaded to add more...

Thanks for posting, and let me know if you tweak it in the future!

14 Feb 2016 mayhemnc2

Thought about switching Batty for Will'o Wisp? Frees up a lot of influence. Breaker Bay Grid makes the 4 Credits of WoW nonrelevant. Adding the Icebreaker to the bottom of the Runners Stack might even be better than trashing it, because there is less tutoring and more recursion nowadays. This might even let you switch out the 2 Chronos Projects for a single x/2 Agenda and an additional Breaker Bay Grid.

24 Feb 2016 Letsaros

@unitled I thought of Corporate Troubleshooter as a 1x for many reason. First he is awesome on his own second he can be bluffed as Marcus Batty. Also if both are in a server you can use Troubleshooter to kill the rig then use batty to deliver a second wave of net damage usually flatlining. Though i really think i don't have enough room as i see the deck very tight. Will playtest it more. Thanks for the feedback.

@mayhemnc2 It does free influence but i really need my 3rd batty so i can draw him early. Also the Chronos Project are there more as a recursion chain break to stop the parasites and davids in the mid game. D4v1d hits Turing and unfortunately Will-o'-the-Wisp does nothing to him.