[Open Sourcing] Endless Tachyons

gumonshoe 2973

This is not a tuned deck list; I'm looking for input or variants if others have been down this road. Apex has a lot of problems, but Endless Hunger is a seriously versatile program & hayley has access to a better pool of cards, she can also install a lot of stuff and run aesops, which works fairly well with most of apex's cards.

So, I'm looking for some ideas on how to improve the deck. This is theory craft at this point. Susano No Mikoto remains the deck's biggest problem next to turing. Both of which point to D4v1d, which is a bit harder to grab thanks to its inf cost.

Hunting Grounds may be a spot to gain influence, but theoretically very good vs grail, komainu, & tollbooth.

Chameleon may be good at dealing with that odd stuff you can't get through, but I worry it's too click expensive.

12 Jan 2016 LazerDoofus

you really need 3x tech writer to complete your econ package, and since you're already running leprechaun maybe run hyperdriver so solve the Chameleon click tax issue