L4V(irii) Kim v.Beta - Post-MWL

Trilkin 40

So this is obviously using the L4J/Good Stuff shell in Kim and changed to be MWL-legal. With the additions of Yog, Parasite and Clone Chip, I just outright removed all three and focused instead on adding a virus suite. I'm going to try to go through my reasoning for the changes.

The immediately obvious change is Kim over the Whizz. I picked Kim to handle fast advance (Biotic Labor, Shipments,) operation economy and the growing precedence of NBN decks that are fairly reliant on operations for their win conditions. Assets are more expensive to trash without Imp, but the trade off is worth it, I think. A few early runs on an unprotected central against decks that run light on ice can be crushing.

Another immediately obvious change is the move from the anarch breaker suite to Sunny's. Sunny has the most efficient and powerful suite in the game and FEELS like a better use of influence now that Clone Chips and Net-Ready Eyes are out of the picture. Spiderwebs and Hives are still a bitch to deal with and I've been toying with going -1 Corroder, -1 Striker, +1 Sherman, but it remains to be seen how impactful it'll be right now.

Since we're using pumpable breakers, Net-Ready Eyes lose their value. Datasuckers still do work as always for more stubborn ice and to keep costs down in the case of 5+ strength ice since we aren't using D4v1ds.

Imps have been added to help with operation milling as well as to pop more expensive assets. Since we have deck slots, Virus Breeding Ground is also an excellent include to make the Medium digs even bigger. It combos well with Grimoire and Medium on Progenitor.

Djinn is there to handle the MU issues that would arise with so many viruses in play. Lamprey is there to put HQ pressure (with a Legwork thrown in from our excess influence for good measure.)

I've been considering trying to make room for a Hades Shard, D4v1d and other cards, all of which would be solid includes. The sheer amount of one-offs also hurts consistency in this deck.

Any comments and feedback is very welcome. Perhaps the virus suite isn't a good idea outside of Noise. I don't know. I'll continue to test it and tweak it.