Tyrell Division - Roy Batty's Birthday Deck

CodeMarvelous 19799

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Pictured: the face I make when people run a remote in this deck...

Happy belated birthday to everyone's favorite android, Roy Batty. In honor of him I have been testing a deck that rushes either brain damage or mandatory upgrades as a way of winning games.

All the runner's moments lost.... like tears in the rain.

This works decently well but its savagely hard to pilot. I would love some feedback and help

13 Jan 2016 Apon

I think I'd be most worried about economy in this deck. It seems lie you'd be hard pressed to rez any Ice relevant for Batty, or even trigger cerebral overwritter. The Back Channels is cute for a nine credit boost off of failed cerebrals, but it seems too inconsistent to justify.

Third Jackson seems better than Back Channels. and it seems worthwhile to find a few more slots for econ. It could be cute to mushin out a Melange, or maybe just go for blue level clearance or successful demonstration. Probably Blue level, but that depends on how you pilot the deck.

13 Jan 2016 CodeMarvelous

@Apon that why I published there is something here but it needs a better engine

13 Jan 2016 Ulkrond

Do you really need Jackson? Wouldn't archived memories and Vitruvius be enough?

13 Jan 2016 x3r0h0ur

must-run econ cards like melange and sundew (is there a similar HB card?) are great for dropping into a remote the same turn as batty and saying "Come get this and face batty, or I'm going to get rich." Melange could be a good add. Adonis is more straight forward, and doesn't make RnD much more porous. I'd have to play the deck to know if its any viable....might be able to do that tomorrow.

13 Jan 2016 CodeMarvelous

I like the idea of sundew @x3r0h0ur doesnt eat up as much clicks but baits the run.

13 Jan 2016 Ulkrond

No chance of adding a Brain-Taping Warehouse? Could also bait some runs.

13 Jan 2016 CodeMarvelous

@Ulkrond I considered Brain-Taping Warehouse in the first version but I barely have slots for the things I need for for the core gameplan

13 Jan 2016 formerteen

i've never actually Defective Brainchips land the extra brain damage since 1) landing brain damage is sort of unpredictable as the corp and 2) the runner will be much more on guard when it's on the table. while i appreciate that landing even a single extra brain damage would be great, this card should probably be replaced with Blue Level Clearance.

13 Jan 2016 GrantZilla1979

...it's really hard to imagine running 3x Mandatory Upgrades without at least one Media Blitz in this deck.

Accelerated Beta Test I like better, though I don't see you ever using its ability out of this build.

I run a lot of Xanatos-type decks, and I've often thought "Man, if I were only able to land an Assassin, I'd flatline a LOT more." I think a Marcus Batty - Assassin combo here would be pretty ouch, even better if they happened to click through and you had Ryon Knight in the same server.

14 Jan 2016 WayneMcPain

I agree with a few others than Melange Mining Corp. would be a great include and go a long way. Also, I know money is tight, but I think I would rather go with Enigma over Quandary so you make the runner lose some more clicks. You could even trigger Batty to fire the click loss in some cases so Ryon can fire. A little bit combo wombo that one, but I still think Enigma is worth the extra creds in this deck.

I also don't think a one of Defective Brainchips is going to help much here. Your main source of "brain" is going to come from scored Self-Destruct Chips and the occasional Batty or Ryon Knight trigger. That current could easily be more econ. I doubt you will miss it.

Almost think I would rather use the Batty influence for Snare! instead. All it takes is a single Cerebral Overwriter or a couple scored Self-Destruct Chips and Snare becomes instantly terrifying. Even if they hit one early when it's less impactful, knowing it's in the deck will make the runner think twice about running anywhere.

20 Jan 2016 trogdor

You need some Media Blitz in here! I run a similar deck and it does great work with two valid targets. I'd drop the Back Channels for sure and one of the Mushin No Shin for Media Blitz. If you could find room for Fast Track that would also be good for when you have 5 or 6 clicks on your turn to work with.

Plan B can also be a nice include. The tactic to check a remote is usually to make you too poor to fire off a Cerebral Overwriter. So it is nice when you get Account Siphoned or Vamped. They think they are safe and BAM! They've scored scored a Self-Destruct Chips on your behalf. It works quite well if you allow your thinking to change and set yourself up to get Siphoned.

The main struggle with a deck like this is economy. And I haven't found a great answer yet. Shell Corporation sometimes works, but it is a burden. You'll often find yourself clicking for credits which is never fun. Answer the econ problem and this type of deck is amazing.

29 Jan 2016 RubbishyUsername

Could you come back to this deck now that Mumba Temple has been released as a form of economy? It offers more than you lose if you don't defend it, but can still sit in a server and rez that expensive HB ice when necessary. It's not like you were trying to sit on a huge pile of creds anyway, so the fact that it's recurring credits rather than real ones doesn't hurt to bad, and you only need to drop a single piece of ice to make it influence-less.