Untitled Stealth Kit v2.4

demondownload 21

Basic strategy

Get a Refractor out ASAP with at least one source of Stealth credits and make sure you run on something every turn. You'll be able to facecheck the first piece of ICE every turn knowing Refractor can get past it, so don't be shy.

Breakers & Hardware

Install Refractor on an Omni-Drive or Dinosaurus, fuelling runs using from Lockpick, Cloak or Ghost Runner as available.

One Dagger and a Sherman (swap out for a Corroder if you prefer) to handle multi-ICE servers that you can't just Kit into.


Kati for long-term, Daily Casts for drip, with Dirty Laundry, Sure Gamble and Easy Mark for burst. Professional Contacts to keep the draw engine ticking over. And Net Celebrity both as another and a way to kill any nasty Corp Currents (I'm looking at you, Cerebral Static).


  • Self-modifying Code to make it easier to find the one-off breakers (or a Refractor if it's not coming out).
  • Infiltration to check remotes before wasting Kit's ability on a Jackson, or just for 2 if you need cash badly.
  • Astrolabe to draw through faster against horizontal decks and get the rig running.
  • Film Critic as backup for "when accessed" Agendas - it's in-faction, why not?
  • Test Run and Levy to tutor or pull back anything you lose to meat/net damage or ICE subroutines - mostly those singleton breakers.
  • Spooned to trash something heavy and hurt the corp's finances when the opportunity presents itself - we're mostly going to be hitting Code Gates anyway.
  • Whatever else happens, do not let tags stick around.
16 Jan 2016 RubbishyUsername

Umm, looking at Sneakdoor Zeta Sherman is more expensive than Corroder on every piece of ice except full-strength Hive and Heimdalls. So shouldn't you run Corroder? It's not like you can get 2 link. Also, wouldn't Same Old Thing be great for Spooned and Levy and Test Run? And is Easy Mark worth the inf when you could play Lucky Find for a pile of cash cheaply?

20 Jan 2016 demondownload

Thanks for the feedback!

My problem with Lucky Find is that it needs 2 and 3 to play - and it's double the influence of Easy Mark (which undermines its appeal when Kit only has 10 influence).

I think you're right on the others, though - I'm going to put the Corroder back in and add a couple of Same Old Things, for sure.