Dirty Laundry - Ep 11 - Cybernetics - Run Last Click

CodeMarvelous 19749

In Episode 11 of Dirty Laundry I am joined by Chris and Eady of Run Last Click

We combine our love of brain damage and Brain Taping Warehouse to create a deck where you get punished for running early or late.

can you survive this dangerous game?

Watch the Build

Watch the Test Run alt text

17 Jan 2016 Ulkrond


17 Jan 2016 Zenit

Where is Tyr's Hand??

17 Jan 2016 MalaFide

Where's the money?

17 Jan 2016 CodeMarvelous

Where is your sense of adventure @MalaFide Also @Zenit if you read Tyr's Hand they can just break it again if they have more money

17 Jan 2016 MalaFide

I like the deck idea-i love oddball decks (I normally run six-shooter style CI). Really need to see this deck in action.

17 Jan 2016 pickledump

I'm skeptical of the Twins, it seems like with the decreased hand size you wouldn't want to hold onto ice unnecessarily, especially with successful demo also clogging things up (Though the Twins plus Ichi can be soul-crushing)

I personally prefer Archived Memories over Interns, especially with Snare (who wants to run a 4-card hand they know has a snare in it?), though if you are going to be using it for mostly ice you obviously save some money for the installs with Interns.

Regardless, I can't wait to see you guys play it, I love hearing your thought processes while piloting all kinds of decks. Keep up the great work!

19 Jan 2016 evilgaz

Very fun to watch the Run Lack Click guys and you having a go with this deck. I tried various versions to see if I could make it work, but the deck is just too fragile! I've built a 49 card deck to see if that can help, but suspect this is one for fun games only, as much as I'd like it to work. :D

9 Feb 2016 Grimwalker

Did you have Kala Ghoda at the time? #Vikram 1.0 sounds bananas in this deck.