¡No corras, Leela! (MWL Legal)

bo_ 13

"¡No corras, Leela!" is thought to be played in a passive way, trying to build a "rig" of resources that triggers each time the corp score an agenda, like Gang Sign with HQ Interface and Logos

Hades Shard is there to bypass Jackson Howard after having abused of Data Leak Reversal. To get the required tag we have Account Siphon and Paparazzi, that will protect us from Scorched Earth.

I have suffered against corps that heavily use assets, so I've included Imp and Scrubber to help with them.

18 Jan 2016 DarthIA

Nice approach, even though I am not a big fan of Leela. Which assets do you particularly fear of? Playing a passive game, maybe just having one Imp is not worth the influence. I would say either +1 Imp -1 DDoS or the other way around... But just saying, since I am not an experienced Leela player ;-)

18 Jan 2016 hechigenio

Nice deck. I think Imp is a great idea; when Gang sign activates, you can reduce the number in HQ and trash some disturb things. Sorry for my "inglés de utrera".

19 Jan 2016 Jefferson Campbell

Really enjoying playing this. Some observations after 3 games of testing -

  • The threat of Leela's ability and Gang Sign triggers can slow down corp play, which is to your advantage. Allows you to be very selective about when you run, build a full "rig," and poke at any unprotected central, which then forces the corp to invest more time protecting all three centrals. Spread-out ice makes for great synergy with Leela's ability.

  • Credits are not for running. Traces readily beatable. Resources come out quickly and cheaply, and enough of the deck is dedicated to econ that a given starting hand will reliably have enough to get you into the mid-game. Not including Sure Gamble is great.

  • Between DDoS, Inside Job, even Earthrise into Fisk into a big Eater run, you're capable of explosive turns. Triggering Leela's ability twice in a turn is a huge tempo swing, which means that if your explosive turn goes well you have plenty of time to regroup.

  • Logos, when combined with Leela's ability, makes it much easier to come back from being behind.

  • No one knows you're playing a DLR deck. Waiting until late-game, when Archives may already be filling up and R&D is running low, to run Archives into Hades Shard and DLR is devastating. By then the Fall Guys / Pavilions should be out, which means that even if they manage to trash the DLR before much damage is done, it's another big tempo swing.

Haven't tested against NBN FA - going to 2x Imp may be necessary for SanSan, though I love DDoS.

19 Jan 2016 Jashay

@DarthIA: Whilst I'm not much of a Leela player, three assets I've seen kick the hell out of her were Snare!, Daily Business Show and Executive Boot Camp.

Two Snare! flatlined her off of 2x Gang Sign + HQ Interface accesses; wasn't expecting them in Weyland, I assume.

Daily Business Show just kept the Corp with only one Agenda at a time, so her ability lost a lot of power.

Executive Boot Camp didn't leave her with any bounceable ICE, although the Gang Sign almost carried her anyway.

I'd imagine Corporate Town would wreck her day, but I've not actually seen the matchup. In this setup, I suspect SanSan City Grid is unpleasant too

19 Jan 2016 DarthIA

@Jashay the thing with all those assets is that the corp would rather play them (except Snare!) and then she cannot deal with them that good. With only two breakers, it seems for me that it would be better to concentrate on the DLR path to victory.