Hayley's Dissertation of Destruction

BoomFrog 22

Party all day and stay up all night bringing a megacorp to it's knees just to prove you can. That's sure to earn an A+.

This deck has a screaming fast economy with a bare minimum of breakers to get in. Three kinds of "AI" Faust, Endless Hunger, and Chameleon means means you threaten early while still being able to handle any ICE in the late game. Your runs have the highest impact possible, either snipe a remote for a likely agenda or explode with the mega turn: Vamp them to zero, Apocalypse and 3 Notorietys with clicks to spare for a legwork and checking the bin for agendas, all thanks to a 10 click turn with Hyperdriver and All-nighter.

Bookmark is a surprising linchpin of the deck. When the card first came out I thought it was worthless but storing "end game" cards like Legwork, Apocalypse and Levy AR Lab Access lets you keep drawing early game economy cards without losing late game effectiveness. Extra bookmarks feed The Hunger or Aesop.

With the bookmarks and Aesops in anyway a powerful combo is unlocked with Game Day and Beach Party. Bookmark or play most of your hand, party on game day, draw 10-15 cards. Next turn sell the beach party to Aesops before you lose a click. If you do a double beach party you do lose one extra click but it's worth it for an extra 5 cards. 4 clicks for a net gain of 12 cards and 5 credits, it's bonkers and it happens in most of my games.

I know the core concept of the deck is solid, and possibly even Tier 1, but there's improvements to be made. Tweaking the number of clone chips, SMCs, ratios of quality time, sure gamble, dirty laundry and daily casts. MWL will mean dropping one bank job which for a Sure Gamble. There may be better ways to spend the bank job influence anyway. Utopia Shard is tempting to increase the mega turn impact and to provide an extra tool against combo decks. DDoS might be good but seems excessive. Imp could provide more cost savings then the gains from bank job against horizontal decks but would require dropping a clone chip post MWL.