Old Hollywood Grid Taxes 1.0

Redino987 175

So this deck is meant to work with Old Hollywood Grid making all the agendas impossible to steal. The tax from Gagarin Deep Space: Expanding the Horizon makes checking remotes a pain for the runner and the Encryption Protocol make it even more difficult to get rid of some naked assets. PAD Campaign can sit in a naked remote with 1 credit to access and 7 to trash and no one will run it.

Sealed Vault as protection against account siphons

Elizabeth Mills is a minor comfort again Valencia

Space Camp traps the runner when they run HQ or archives and allows you to put lots of advancement counters on ice like Hadrian's Wall or Ice Wall or even agendas

I have noticed that my code gates are all eaten up by yog.0 without me being able to do anything and I lose often, but I want this deck to work. Please give me any advice you can offer

20 Jan 2016 Corence

Old Hollywood Grid forces the runner to run your remote again, but that only is a problem if you have some seriously taxing ice. Your only big ice are Hadrian's Wall and Wormhole. If your server is Enigma / Caduceus / Ice Wall you're spending 5 credits to rez Old Hollywood but chances are your opponent only needs to spend 5 credits to run the server again (assuming reasonable breakers). Excalibur is cute, but with only 1 it's going to be a stretch to find it.

You need more big, taxing ice, especially since you aren't spending many deck slots on ice. Consider Tour Guide since you're running a lot of assets. Spiderweb instead of Ice Wall. Code Gate you don't have many options for since you're Weyland.

Ash is useful if you have a big economy lead over your opponent, but your deck doesn't have enough economy and taxing ice to make it good. Again, like Old Hollywood Grid it forces a second run on the remote, but you need a taxing remote for that to be a problem for the runner.

Space Camp has too low of an impact. You can approximate it as earning you 2 credits every time it is accessed, since it saves you a click and credit for advancement. Replace these with something like Launch Campaign which earns you credits immediately. More asset economy also plays well with Encryption Protocol. With more asset economy you can also cut the Sealed Vault since asset economy is naturally good against Siphon (rez assets during the Siphon run so they can't steal anything, and next turn you'll drip back up). I don't think you need Elizabeth Mills either. Old Hollywood Grid and Ash are already counters to Blackmail.

Have you found the Punitives useful? Many Gagarin decks don't run any meat damage so it could catch the runner by surprise, but again, you need to have a credit lead to get a win with Punitive and I'm not sure you can do that consistently. Also you likely need two Punitives to win, which again, requires even more money and luck to have them both in hand. Either go 3x and add more economy to try to make this a realistic threat, or just cut them for ice/economy cards.

20 Jan 2016 Redino987

@Corence the scoring server I set up is Hadrian's Wall, Wormhole, Excalibur, putting my Space Camp counters on hadrians, wormhole and ice wall to make them more threatening. I can then hide the agenda behind both an Old Hollywood Grid and an Ash 2X3ZB9CY

I've found that my economy is fairly viable, especially since I don't need to worry too much about agendas with such a low density. I can spend turns on Melange Mining Corp. without worry and use a turn for install credit credit. With punitive being the only operation I play that costs me money instead of making me money, I'm not using lots of credits for anything other than rezing ice.

The Punitive Counterstrike has been more of a failsafe than anything, letting me give the runner 5 or even 6 points from archives then shooting them with a double punitive. I've used them for wins fairly often, which is not really something I wanted to do.