Professor-AnarchyContact- He knows everything

zzzthemaskzzz 64

The more card netrunner get, the better Professor gonna be, as he get more and more program to utilize. After NAPD MWL, he gets even much more better as the list doesnt affect him at all. I first run him as an "anti-jank deck", which can counter all kind of shananigans the Corp can pull. But then, its strength can just match even top tier deck. It might seem clunky right? a lot of program, most of them are situational, some are rarely used, so isnt that gonna hurt your drawing? Freelance Coding Contract is there to help you discard effectively. But even if it is not there, just dump cards freely because this deck recursion can ensure you have what you need from your heap. Most of the time you would like to draw by ProCo anw, so u wouldnt draw too much, diesel is actually situational. You gonna start slow, but try to drag the corp with you, draw up. Dont run too much on taxing server, save your energy for contesting remote. And when the Corp are careless, drop a Keyhole on their door and they will crumble.

Against fast advance matchup, this deck can take advantage of the Clot better than most because strong tutor, test run, SMC, strong recursion: 3 clone chip, scavenge and on top of that Sacrificial construct. Professor might be a slow deck, but it knows its way to slow down opponent too.

Against Butcher, PE matchup, well, standard plascrete and film critic, not much different than before.

Glacier matchup: Hell yeah, you got a wide variety of breaker option, and i think professor is the best runner to pull off a morning star (screw those NEXT Silver)

Tagging matchup: dont facecheck them if u are not sure u can break them, against matchup like SYNC, save your test run scavenge to Femme Fatale the Data Raven.

Spam asset matchup: keep economy up, SMC a Paricia out.

22 Jan 2016 kwind

I don't know why I never thought of using Paricia in my professor. I generally don't like it as much as scrubber, but it's tutorable, influence free and definitely worth grabbing in the right matchup. Good call.

22 Jan 2016 zzzthemaskzzz

@kwind : usually i wouldnt use Paricia too cuz memory issue, it is not always needed.... but in Professor, u got more food for Freelance Coding Contract, Scavenge :D

22 Jan 2016 donator

good shit

22 Jan 2016 theOTHERHIVEMIND

This is sweet, if it drops the stimhack its mwl legal

22 Jan 2016 Pinkwarrior

@theOTHERHIVEMIND think you'll find it is MWL legal. The Professor: Keeper of Knowledge is completely unaffected by the MWL.

23 Jan 2016 zzzthemaskzzz

@theOTHERHIVEMIND Professor is badass, he doesnt care about any list, he gets whatever he wants

23 Jan 2016 psyduck

will try it