Tenin Rigshooter/Glacier 2.0

RedOnionKnight 161

The idea is score Nisei MK II protected by Caprice. Never make more than 1 remote server. Use Jackson to find money and Nisei. Inspired by the "No more siphons" list.

No tricks here, just operation econ and good ice. If the runner has no recursion use Batty to trash programs with Ichi 1.0, otherwise use him to end the run if Caprice fails. Very siphon resistant. Crisium CAN keep Tennin ability on but honestly it's not usually worth it because you don't really NEED to trigger Tennin a lot. I don't usually pump Ice Wall above str 4 because D4v1d is so prevalent. Fun to play as, not so fun to play against. Placed 3rd in a 10 person GNK. Weakest matchup is Noise but he is beatable. Wraparound, Swordsman, and Komainu are there for Faust hate. Ashigaru works ok for that too, as well as good tax on Lady counters. Corroder hates going through Ashigaru too so it's usually worth it to rez.

Tennin ability more often used as econ/tempo to score agendas and to entice the runner to hit archives taxing them a click.