Geist's last gasp, Criminal in Newcastle's UK Intercity Tour

chowyunbrent 89

I thought I would post this version of Geist pre MWL and before the influence cost of clone chips totally screw him!

Had quite good success piloting this, Was the criminal player for the winning Newcastle team in the recent UK Intercity Friendly tournament (thanks again to the organizers)

For Geist i'm pretty happy with this, It generally runs pretty poor and you'll want to mulligan for Technical writer. It threatens really reliable accesses, so make sure you legwork and/or makers eye at the right time.

A bag of criminal events give it a tool box style feel and there are many creative plays that can be made around troublesome ice.

Against ash/caprice, Account siphon is your friend.

Scrubber and Bank Job, work well against NBN. Film critic against murder and RP. 1 of Kati for glacier games with corrodor and passport making big makers eye runs on RnD a credible threat.

The cloud breakers really snowball and threaten remote lock in the mid late game.