The Modern Prometheus V.2

Seamus 4673

This version won a 16 person GNK yesterday, going 4/1.

Write-up to follow.

24 Jan 2016 Dis

Nice, those 3-of resources make the deck look super streamlined. What matchups is the 1x Kati for? RP?

24 Jan 2016 CodeMarvelous

This looks very slim. how many runs a turn you make on average?

24 Jan 2016 CodeMarvelous

@Seamus also let me know if you would like to come on the channel to talk about the deck.

25 Jan 2016 Werewerf

Looking forward to trying out your changes - was Turing much of a problem in testing? I can see Femme, Always Be Running and simply clicking through as options...but perhaps post MWL you see Foodcoats/Turing decreasing in popularity?

25 Jan 2016 Seamus

Hi all.

I did have two Kati because Kati is still great. I dropped one for a Plascrete for the intercity and stuck with it. You get so many dead draws between Lovegood and Brainchip dropping to one Kati at least dealt with that issue a bit.

Looking forward to talking about the deck on the show (and the deck inevitably falling over in an embarrassing fashion on stream).

Turing is a complete bawache, as is Foodcoats in general. Their low agenda-density makes it really tough to effectively exploit your early pressure. I was lucky to dodge the Foodcoats at this tournament. It's a pretty bad match-up.

28 Jan 2016 AsteriskCGY

So with turning wheel think you slot Zul or cut another for Gordian?

28 Jan 2016 Seamus

Honestly I don't know but I'm tempted to say neither.

It really depends how HB Glacier shakes out, post-MWL, and what other cards suitable for this deck are released. As things stand it's a pretty wonky deck and I'd rather keep the broad utility of the Femme over a Zu.13.

Femme, Mimic and Corroder are all silver bullets against specific ICE types but they have the additional benefit of being great against a lot of commonly played ICE, even if the specific threat they're included to combat isn't present.

I definitely don't see me finding three influence for Gordian.

It'd be nice to be better positioned to challenge double-Turing remotes but my instinct is to focus on increasing the deck's chances of winning before HB can set up and score seven points through that server rather than twisting it to meet this specific challenge.

28 Jan 2016 AsteriskCGY

I was thinking of cutting a Fair for that, really.

29 Jan 2016 Seamus

I certainly wouldn't. Career Fair is an all star with so many resources.

I just don't think adding either Gordian or Zu.13 adequately addresses the match-up that the lack of them makes tough enough to to justify weakening the general structure of the deck.

30 Jan 2016 akonnick

@Seamus when you do the write-up, can you please comment on the 3-ofs for Brain Chip and Dr. Lovegood? Whenever I see that quantity, I have to assume there is a reason you need it so early, but I honestly haven't played/seen enough Adam: Compulsive Hacker to understand the key interactions for those two. This seems like a good blueprint for me to tinker with and appreciate you posting. Looking forward to reading the write-up.

1 Feb 2016 Seamus

I haven't found the time to do a write up but you can see me discussing the deck here:

I think we do touch on it in the video but I'll comment on the 3-ofs in the deck now - As well as Lovegood and Brain Chip I think you can include Public Sympathy as an odd three-of.

It is vitally important to increase Adam's hand size as quickly as possible in order to activate the benefits of Safety First. Failing to see one of the six cards that increase one's hand size can be disastrous. MU can become similarly important with Data Folding and Overmind.

Lovegood is a strange one. In some games I won't install him at all. In others he will only be installed in the mid-game and used sparingly. However, he is so completely necessary in a couple of match-ups that I have had bad experiences of testing with only two copies. It's quite common for RP to have spiky ICE on all centrals relatively early. If you're forced to not only run against these every turn but also deal with one or more nasty subroutines you will quickly fall apart. Even HB can sometimes place ICE in such a away that Always Be Running is costing you way more than a wasted click running into nothing.

The other match-up for which the Dr is required is NEH or any similar deck where checking of remotes is crucial. You can't afford to trash a Pad Campaign every turn (due to Neutralize All Threats) but you also can't leave remotes unchecked.

Having to include so many dead draws in Adam is a real problem and definitely impacts on the efficiency of the deck. It's not a problem I see being easily resolved though.

8 Feb 2016 darwindeez

All my Adam testing suggests he is just plain bad. But I keep trying! Your builds and wins are encouraging.

My latest thoughts are 1) FAUST. Using his boost ability outside of run in order to ditch dead cards and keep Safety First rolling in--so good. That means it doubles as an early Brain Chip/Sympathy. And if you can actually spend the card to go through something, even better. This plus the big hand size later plus the fact that Adam is sometimes quite poor means Faust is probably good.

2) REFRACTOR. I'm going to try it with only 3x Ghost Runner and no other influence spend. I think it's already beating Zu even if I lose all my Ghost Runner monies to forced trashing because it saves me money on the super common Enigma plus it proposes to beat Turing for cheap, which is almost as much of an issue as Swordsman and a very common ICE (part of the reason I also have 1 d4v1d). Zu is not quite worth it at 2 inf, basically only beating Quandary at an affordable price. Clearly you agree. I find an issue with Adam tends to be filling out the deck with useful neutrals and 3x Ghost Runner is something I'm happy to put in with high hopes of not spending it all before I find the decoder. Any thoughts on Refractor? Kiv's Adam builds all seem to include it so I got the idea from him basically.

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