Heroes of Rapture - The Housewife

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Audio Logs of Barbara Johnson, Rapture, circa 1958

“Fred really burns me up! Refusing to allow splicing near the kids! Well, what about the neighbors? I’m not trying to ‘keep up with the Joneses’ here. I’m trying to stop them from killing us! I mean, I love Fred, I do, but if he won’t wear the pants around here, I’ll just have to pull them up over my pantyhose.”

“Some kind of metal…workman…nearly killed Susie today. She was trying to make friends with one of those poor little orphan girls with the skin condition. I felt so helpless, and the man reeked of wet dog! Well, never again. Mommy went out and got herself some more special medicine today, and if Daddy doesn’t like it…”

“I knew I shouldn’t have let them in, but they said they had ADAM, and it’s just so hard to find these days…and somehow they grabbed Susie! So I…I shocked one of them, but next thing I know, I was frozen! I couldn’t move, but I could see…and I saw them…saw them take my Susie away. But I’m going to march over to that orphanage, and after I find her…I’m going to find them…”