iNEXTpensive 1.2

Tonda 65

Cheap Cheap Ice. Glacier up. Res whole servers for 1 or 2 credits.


This is my favorite corp deck. I've been playing a lot of games with it and I think it's one of the most fun and competitive NEXT design builds I've played (and i've played plenty).


With 23 ice, you will be laying down 3 ice the majority of games, the goal here will be to glacier up a remote fast, and sneak out an agenda or 2 while the runner sets up.

You spend most of your credits to score agendas and to install ice as there aren't really too many res costs. The benefit here is if you lay down 4 or 5 ice on turn 1, you can res them all if need be.


Ice Composition

8 ice at 0
10 ice at 1
3 ice at 2
2 Turings at 4

Minelayer glaciers up. Marker teams up with Pop-up, Minelayer or Dracō. Everyone else keeps em out early. Turings and Wraparound keep things honest.

Early Game

I've found two common reactions from runners early game.

A) They are scared of servers stacked 2-3 deep and don't run.

B) They seriously underestimate the amount of credits needed to res all your ice.

It's surprisingly easy to score agendas when your not wasting too much time on economy set up or on paying for ice. Usually you have an agenda or 2 before the corp realizes how fast your going. And if you're playing NEXT Design, you HAVE to take advantage of it's SPRINT game (or else you'd be better off playing ETF.)

By the time you've scored 2 agendas, you suddenly find yourself with a lot of ressed ice and Peak Efficiency pays out more handsomely than you might be used to. The deck becomes incredibly wealthy late game, and this is when Dracō turns into a showstopper (really impressed with him in this build as once the corp has gotten answers to all your ice, a High power Dracō becomes incredibly taxing.


Late Game

Once the corp has set up and starts dominating, you'll prob. only need to score out a single agenda. I usually save my Peak Efficiencys and you can usually gain 10+ with each of em. You can also start nuking everything that's effectively dead with Security Subcontract. DUMP half this late game loot into resing a final boss of a Dracō and use the other half to trace.

I love this guy and this deck is his home because he's cheap for your early game strat and a beast in your late game. You can set his power to really be awkward for whatever breaker the runner's using. And if you know the runner is packing mimic, save em all for the late game.

Other than that you can always stall out for the 1-of Biotic Labor. (If you score The Future is Now early game, you'll get Biotic.)


Other Notes

It's pretty safe to fire ABT at 23 ice and you have plenty of extra ice to ice up archives.

The Launch Campaigns support the general speed of the deck as it's instant and fast payout and doesn't tie up your remote glacier for long. Drop em between agendas.

Paper Wall is going to get replaced by Vanilla which will really be an upgrade for this deck (Paper Wall is still great for the aggro scoring but lacks of synergy with Peak Efficiency)

If you want more consistency in late game, sub a Green Level for a 2nd Biotic Labor.

25 Jan 2016 River

I'm really loving the idea here. What have your matchups been and how did it go so far?

25 Jan 2016 Tonda

The NAPD most wanted really taxed a lot of this deck's biggest enemies (kate / yog / parasite) and I'm looking forward to getting some matches in the new meta (Starting a league with this and will update once I have some new matchup info)

As expected, any runner that thinks it has time to do drip or hardware / resource set up is going to have a bad time.

Anarchs are pretty much scary, No real answer to Val and blackmail. (just race out ABT as fast as possible)

The deck does have a natural resistance to Account Siphon, Vamp, David, Security Nexus, Inside Job, Cutlery, so it does have a lot of strengths by dodging those.

Aggressive runners are gonna be the hardest matchups, but i did win against Adam last week.

The deck fairs average I would say. (It's NEXT design after all.)

25 Jan 2016 wessig

Vanilla an obvious replacement for paper wall when it's released?

25 Jan 2016 Tonda

Just counting down the days!

26 Jan 2016 Simone Suka

Since Gordian really loves this deck, what about a little switch of ices? In the sense... Cut pop ups for elies?

29 Jan 2016 SecurityRake

I tried something close to this for quite a while some time ago. It did not go well. Vanilla will help it, but even so, I can't imagine it not just falling on its face against Vamp, Eater, Parasite, Siphons, SMCs, Clone chips, Gordian... Etc. Even Faust would not do terribly, and with so few David targets...

I want to like it, but I really can't imagine it working without Crisiums or something.

8 Apr 2016 Daemonology4

What about Executive Retreat Instead of the Hades Fragment. It looks like this deck could end up with not a lot of hand in the midgame. Unfortunately, it is a little expensive, but the much maligned Sensei could almost make an appearance in here.