Maximum Punk Bach (1st Place, Undefeated, Phoenix Comics TT)

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There are 2 types of people in the world. Those who like going through 3 cards of their deck each turn, and those who don't. There are a select few of those people who like Maximum Punk Rock who like Maximum Punk Rock in the club.

And if you fall into that category, Maximum Punk Bach is for you.

There has been a flood of RegX MaxX decks recently, and this is my idea of one that can actually perform. The original list that gave me this idea is here. This deck is different than other Faust MaxX decks around.

There are some things people are good at Netrunner. Me, I suck at determining when an HB player put a campaign in a scoring remote verses when they put in a 3/2. But one thing I am good at is telling in which central the agendas are. And I build a deck to capitalize on this.

Maximum Punk Bach went undefeated at the Phoenix Comics and Games team tournament in Seattle on 1/24/16, where you partnered with a friend and your prestige was share. You were able to ask for advice, talk about decisions, anything at all. The only stipulation was that you had to bring decks from different factions. You can find my Glass Shop list here.

The idea is you build your economy ever so slightly as you mill yourself the first time, applying constant pressure. You will draw into your Pancakes engine, and you will get lots of cards. Finally, you use your recursion to play high impact events such as Cutlery, Makers Eye, and Legwork based on your analysis of where the agendas are. You repeat, then Levy, than do it all again. It can push with Faust when needed, and it can get money and real breakers when needed.

I had wins vs IG, Sol, and 2 NEH, but that doesn't mean it doesn't have a good Foodcoats matchup. In fact, it can actually contest those early campaigns and Maker's Eye a couple times and win.

Faust is such a good card, it flips the games interactions on it head. It has hate cards that have in faction answers, and it counters most strategies. It is somewhat unhealthy for the game, but as long as it's here, I'm going to win some games with it.

Recommended Edits: Ice Carver, while good against Foodcoats, generally doesnt pull its weight. I am currently testing -1 Carver -2 Kati +3 Data Folding +1 Turntable, and its been working fine. Other alternatives include Armitage Codebusting and Dirty Laundry.

Here are some videos of @CJFM and myself playing this deck with the above edits:

Game 1

Game 2

Big thanks to Ben and Ryan for running the event, and everyone at Phoenix for letting us use their precious space. Also big thanks to MaxWell for agreeing to be my teammate for this event, it was a really fun format and I encourage all you TO’s out there to run a team tournament.

Note: This deck has the Dan D'Argenio seal of approval.

27 Jan 2016 MoxWall

You crushed it@podoboyz99.Thanks for the corroder.

27 Jan 2016 CodeMarvelous

``@podoboyz99` this deck looks awesome

27 Jan 2016 CJFM

I would definitely have a medium in here, but other than that, looks great!

27 Jan 2016 mittens

Yeah. Kati seems too slow.

Ice carver isn't great without net ready because then you can't d4 or mimic their assassins without a datasucker.

Do you miss having parasite?

Why are you playing zu?

27 Jan 2016 mittens

Also, was inject a consideration? I feel like it would help you set up faster. Also, with so few programs, it can be a draw 4 for a big faust run.

27 Jan 2016 podoboyz99

@mittens Thanks for asking! Kati is too slow in general, I've been testing Data Folding and been really liking it so far, but you need the extra memory, so a second Turntabe is necessary (plus it's never bad to have more NBN tech). Paradite was nice, but Faust is just so good you don't need it. ZU.13 is cheap, and it breaks Turing on a central, that's pretty much all I'm using it for. Inject was one of the first things I cut from my first drafts, I've Had Worse is enough when it comes to acceleration.

@CJFM I played it with Medium for most of this decks life, and cut it because I realized it was almost never worth the credits for me to play it, and it was always a little too taxing on Faust to make repeated R&D runs. However, with the Data Foldings, it might be worth it to slot the Medium back in and just pay through with your "real" breakers.

27 Jan 2016 phette23

Great list! Very close to where I landed with Wyldcakes MaxX. I can't bring myself to spend influence on ZU, though :( …but I love seeing the Maker's & Legwork in this deck.

27 Jan 2016 mittens

@podoboyz99 Parasite also gets through turing on centrals. It also deals with annoying and taxing ice like komainu efficiently.

27 Jan 2016 podoboyz99

@phette23 If you want to play Force of Nature, that's all you. I am going to stick to ZU.13 for the time being.

27 Jan 2016 gumonshoe

I had a few games with the initial deck you linked where i'd tried to break things I shouldn't with zu. And for that reason I cut it since yog was in faction and less influence; but that ultimately lead me towards nre and the rest of the changes.

Its a very reasonable list, and core is probably this for any anarch deck:

3x Wyldside 2x Chronotype 3x Faust 1-2x Levy (whatever you want)

I've found dirty laundry to be the best "step up" econ option. You want to run anyways, you're probably using faust, and it puts you within a cred of lib accounts. Probably worth a test.