Opus Andy - Post-MWL v0.1

Trilkin 40

Small alterations to the original decklist (check inspired by.) This was mostly made for my girlfriend who is a big fan of this decklist and is not very thoroughly tested.

Changes were:

-1 Ninja: Honestly, with Opus economy, you might as well slot spider girl in here and hard install her rather than keep feeding the greedy shinobi.

-2 Earthrise Hotel: Was cut for FIS.

-1 Express Delivery: Cut for FIS.

-1 Stimhack: Opus economy only makes this card relevant in the early game. It's devastating when used appropriately, but it saw comparatively little play.

-1 Déjà Vu: This was a tough choice to cut. Criminal lack of recursion hurts, but influence is tight with MWL ruining Desperado's day.

+3 Fisk Investment Seminar: I'd argue it's one of the best Criminal cards in the game right now when used properly... and the worst when misused.

+1 Femme Fatale: Read above.

+1 Planned Assault: Slotted instead of a third Legwork for flexibility. This is the flex slot. Going to try various things in here.

Feedback is welcome and wanted! I know not many people like this archetype anymore, but I still think it's fairly strong in my opinion. Maybe Mumbad will bring goodies...

27 Jan 2016 Phoenix

I wholeheartedly disagree with the removal of Stimhack. Yes, you have Opus, but Opus is slow and predictable.

27 Jan 2016 Trilkin

@Phoenix I was actually thinking about that after posting this. I was wondering if dropping Desperado for the Stimhack would be a good idea.