Opus Andy - Post-MWL v0.2

Trilkin 40

Small alterations to the original decklist (check inspired by.) This was mostly made for my girlfriend who is a big fan of this decklist and is not very thoroughly tested.

Changes were:

-1 Ninja: Honestly, with Opus economy, you might as well slot spider girl in here and hard install her rather than keep feeding the greedy shinobi.

-2 Earthrise Hotel: Was cut for FIS.

-1 Express Delivery: Cut for FIS.

-1 Desperado: Sigh, MWL.

-1 Déjà Vu: This was a tough choice to cut. Criminal lack of recursion hurts, but influence is tight with MWL ruining Desperado's day.

+3 Fisk Investment Seminar: I'd argue it's one of the best Criminal cards in the game right now when used properly... and the worst when misused.

+1 Femme Fatale: Read above.

+1 Planned Assault: Slotted instead of a third Legwork for flexibility. This is the flex slot. Going to try various things in here.

Feedback is welcome and wanted! I know not many people like this archetype anymore, but I still think it's fairly strong in my opinion. Maybe Kala Ghoda will bring goodies...

28 Jan 2016 Angedelo

Oh man I miss playing this. Looks lovely, how are you finding the Fisk Investment Seminar? I always loved getting 3 cards but then I'd look across and see a happy NBN player with another AstroScript Pilot Program or an HB player with a Breaker Bay Grid & an Adonis Campaign.

28 Jan 2016 GrantZilla1979

Timing's everything with it. An ideal play would be one on a round in which you get an Eden Shard installed and popped, or paid for outright.

Sure, sometimes it blows up on you. But other times they get the econ they want and leave HQ flooded, or you flood them so bad that a Jackson can't get them all back in. I'd argue it's most disruptive in Mid-game when Corp has the most advantage (typically.)

Anything you can do to force the Corp into bad positions at this stage is good. Account Siphoning them on the same turn you Fisk is even better.

28 Jan 2016 Trilkin

Following up with @GrantZilla1979's comment, the two best times to play Fisk are: a turn you intend on Siphoning them to 0 -and/or- if you have Legwork in hand or a SoT out with Legwork in the bin (preferably with HQIs up.) You can do both if you don't care about tags (no resources, etc.)

Fisk is a tough card to use correctly, but once you learn when, it's arguably one of the best blue events in the game.