I like a man with a big rig

SyIus 17

In grand anticipation of the newest Data Pack, as well as any news on new ID's, here's a fresh list to match the fresh new shaper: Jesminder Sareen: Girl Behind the Curtain!

This list has yet to be tested, fair warning. I was eager to be among the first to post some ideas. If this is amazing, I got lucky. But I hope it sparks some ideas in all of y'all out there to try some fun things with this quirky runner!

First off, this deck revolves around the core pairing of Jesminder and her Console, Maya. Between the two, you can make multiple R&D runs in one turn with at least one guaranteed new card on the second run. Throw in some fun things like Paricia to get rid of any pesky trashable cards and you're golden.

Now, from here, it made sense to me that if R&D digs were the shtick, R&D Interfaces were gunna be the way to go. So, how do I get those out quickly? A couple of ways, one old, and one new. The old one is pretty simple: Replicator. Find one, pull on out the others. The other method is the combination of Ramujan-reliant 550 BMI and the new 6-card limit mechanic and Trade-In. Ramujan's purpose in this deck ends up two-fold. First, it's there to be Replicated out to soak net and brain damage in matchups where it's necessary. Afraid of multiple Snares! on an R&D dig? No More! Trash two of these puppies and you can avoid all but the tags. And did I mention Jesminder avoids those? Save her ability for the last card and stay safe against those nasty jinteki! But say you're not afraid of the damage. What to do with all these installed cards? I know! Why not trade em in for the hardware you want? Playing Weyland? Lets grab that Plascrete Carapace. Programs a little weak? How about The Personal Touch? Do you have that console you need? Maya to the rescue!

But gee, won't all this cost a lot? I should probably find a way to fund it all. Nah, just build it yourself! Personal Workshop is perfect for setting up your board state.

And that's that, hopefully a nice introductory course to Jesminder for those who want a leg up on the competition! Have at her, have some fun, and please comment below to let me know what you found out about playing her!

29 Jan 2016 say200426

I am so surprised... This deck is so jank...