The January 28th-31st Deck (Stronger Forever 0.1)

WildM 287

This lofty deck is named as such since it is only legal to play between January 28-31st of the Year of Our Lord 2016. It is both a recognition of days gone bye and a preamble to things to come.

I'll get this out of the way - I love Stronger Together to bits. I've spent more tournaments than most doing everything in my power to make this identity work as more than just a surprising gimmick (see my past Bioroid Kill Squad deck above). Finally, I think I've come across a semi-viable deck! Well, I mean, viable for another 24 hours at time of publishing.

The goal here is to install and install and install and let the runner trash everything while you put it right back into play or in your deck. No lie, Museum of History is one of the greatest trash deterrence cards I've seen. Three out of the four matches I played resulted in the Runner just giving up and letting me keep my assets. As a warning, you do not want to just auto-recur every card that gets trashed. One of my big misplays today was to toss a Caprice back in my deck when I could have easily waited for a more likely Interns to show up.

Anyway, with the ultra recursion concept in mind, in come Brain-Taping Warehouse and Mumba Temple working in tandem. With two to three of these guys out, you no longer need cash! The runner simply can't afford to run unrezzed ice on their first two clicks, meaning they no longer have spare clicks available to break bioroid subroutines. Toss a singleton Eli or Viktor in front of one of your Mumbas to 1. let you spend it on the rez and 2. help you build an increasingly deep remote for later scoring.

As I think about this aggressive asset suite more and more, I'm pretty sure that the Most Wanted List will force me to make a better deck. Jackson Howard and Caprice are great and all, but with how much cash I'm pulling I really need them? Sorry, J-How, but you may no longer need to be an auto-include. I've already seen how easy it is to play a deck without Hedge Funds.