Sunny Lebeau - Fixed Mom

trashscan 20

2nd place at Camp Zama (Japan) A-Z Gaming Club tournament.

Sunny normally don't get a lot of love and I understand why, especially with the other power runners out there... but this one is a weird monster, especially against control corps.

Main rule:

Play your game, build your rig, run when you are ready, otherwise it will be hard to fix it later. Don't get tagged!

First Draw:

You want to have as much economy cards as possible (Sure Gamble, Data Folding, Underworld Contact, Daily Casts lowering the cost of the ressources with Career Fair). Try not to run except if it is with Dirty Laundry. You will need the money to install your ice breakers and the Security Nexus.

Building your rig:

There is only one Paige Piper, but if you can get it early, it helps a lot to clean the stack.

Boosts your links as much as possible (Access to Globalsec Dyson Mem Chip). Install Security Nexus and Disrupter You will want to install some Gang Sign to slow down the Corp, especially if it is flooded with agendas. If the corp scores an agenda, let it go, play your game.


Obviously, you will want to the ice breakers as much as possible, with the recuring credits from the Underswold Contact and Data Folding, you should be able to rerun quite often. If you face a surprise, Security Nexus is there for you. Disrupter is a blessing at the begining to reset the crop trace to 0, making it much more expensive to stop you. Once you will have a lot of links (potential of 8 links), the corp will most probably not even try boost the trace and let you go.

About the Data Dealer: This is especially against News Team and Shi-Kyu. You can even use it to sell 1 point agenda to get extra credits when needed. This helped me to win few games :-)

8 Feb 2016 JanksonHoward

Gang Sign uses a lot of influence but it's strong for the control game you're playing, slowing down and/or prohibiting the glacier Corp's late scoring. Security Nexus seems to do a lot of work for you and the high basically turns of Ash 2X3ZB9CY, among other things. It's hilarious to see you pull off a Data Dealer, especially when it's a News Team!