But WAIT! There's More... 2nd Swiss, 3rd Annual Chilo City

Faceboy89 70

This deck went undefeated in swiss at the Third Annual Chilo City Grudge Match, but then lost in top 8 landing me in 7th.

Overall, I am very happy with these results. The main goal of the deck is to score out any agendas that enter your hand except for the GFI. GFI just gets cycled back in with Jackson or the runner steals it and you don't really care. Fast advance your 2/1's, make an Astro train, search for the last point with "The Future is Now" or fast track and finish out the game on your sansan, and/or with Astro tokens.

All the while, you're rezzing ad after ad and keeping the runner poor while you make money. Keep in mind that the runner trashing ads can also aid your strategy so feel free to throw them out. Or just fake an early scoring remote with a special offer and a campaign, and watch the runner buy your things. Product placement is amazing in this deck as you just place them on R&D or possibly in with your sansan. This makes the runner either not want to run there, or they're going to just do it anyways and you get paid for them seeing a pop-up window on R&D.

Archangel, swordsman, and rototurret are in there as surprises and silver bullets. Swordsman for where ever faust or eater is giving you trouble, and archangel/ rototurret as a surprise way to make sure they can't get in your server. (Or you know... bounce that Kati Jones they've been loading up)

Also, THANK YOU to everyone that makes Spark kill decks. Runners love to install their plascretes against me, and I just love the three credit/ one click tax.

All in all, this deck performed really well, and I'm happy to see that it has become quite good after many hours of playing it since I first fell in love with Spark. It's not anything super tricky or weird but definitely remember that timing structure of turns is your friend. You have a rez window right before start of turn effects begin, so rez something at the end of the runner's turn, and then rez your campaign at the start of your turn before start of turn effects begin and watch that two credit loss for the runner become your gain. Also remember that product placement is zero to rez, so a first turn product placement on R&D or HQ is almost just as good as an ice as you rez it at the end of your turn so they can't sure gamble, and they may not even bother running on your central because of the potential 4 credit swing (if trashed),

For the most part, it's pretty consistent. I ended up finishing 7th in top 8, but Spark going undefeated in a 5 round swiss of 39 people made me feel like a proud parent.