Whole FOODs: 1st place ChiLo City Grudge Match @ Bluegrass

josh01 1690

Whole Foods is the name I gave my RP after winning the ChiLo City Grudge Match in Louisville on 1/30. I promise not to repeat a bunch of times outside of this writeup. I will spare both of us the onerous exchange where someone asks for an RP list and I presumptuously respond they should play Whole Foods with no other context, thus forcing them to ask me what the arbitrary name I gave my deck actually is and I respond with a link to a lengthy writeup about how it is the best deck in the history of A:NR because I won a thing with it one time. That being said, I did give it a name, and the name is Whole Foods.

The deck is titled Whole Foods not for the Sundews and GFIs, but because Runners have described their experiences against the deck to me in postgame discourse in a manner which reminds me of my last trip to the organic supermarket chain: Everything was more expensive than I was willing to pay for, so I ignored the high costs and made a dash toward the back at which time a lovely Asian lady informed me I was not allowed back in.

I was 5-0 with the deck in the Swiss portion. Opponents were Prepaid Kate, Leela, Chameleons Hayley, Congress Kate, and Stealth Andy. The deck was 1-0 in elimination vs Noise (a guy on my Noise, actually). The tournament was played using the NAPD Most Wanted List format.

Some stuff on choices:

Eli is the best card and I would play 3 if they added another inf to it.

NAPD is good. If you don't like it for an inf, I recommend Fetal AI. Never Philotic.

Swordsman is mostly just Noise tech, but occasionally it does something else. You could even play two instead of a Crick or an Assassin.

Cerebral Static is the worst card in the deck, but it's more Noise tech. I play it for obvious reasons, but you could just play something else.

You don't need PAD Campaign. Could be any other card if you like.

I cut Susanoo because there are less Kates, the ones hanging around have a rough matchup against RP, and half of them are on D4v1d anyway. You may as well get double the Dave tax at a better price with Assassin.

This deck has worked for a number of people for a long time. I change cards as the meta changes (or as they ban them), and this is just where it has landed now. The deck was also 2nd place at ChiLo (the second place finisher brought my decks). There are a number of bad matchups, Noise is one. Reg anarchs, Stealth Andy aren't great, but it's serviceable enough against anything.

31 Jan 2016 phette23

First two paragraphs of this write-up are golden. :thumbsup: would read again.

31 Jan 2016 yeoda

I'm going like and copy the deck cause it doesn't have the word "shop" in the title lol

31 Jan 2016 yeoda

No, I'm copying it cause it looks great. Congratulations.

31 Jan 2016 podoboyz99

I will forever call this deck "Whole Foods Shop" ;)

On a serious note, you have a lot of Noise tech, but you decided to omit Cyberdex, which is good against Noise as well as other runners. What was the thinking behind that @josh01?

31 Jan 2016 josh01

it's a good idea to put cvs in every deck, i just don't have one in this deck

it's probably the 50th card in. might be worth cutting a PAD for

1 Feb 2016 lukifer

Have you experimented with Markus instead of Eli to save influence? It's costlier and less taxing, but it punishes face-check and discourages easy bounces off of centrals.

1 Feb 2016 josh01

markus is awful. i would play eli at 3 inf and i wouldn't play markus if it gave me an inf back

1 Feb 2016 spags

Thanx. Now every asshole is playing these dex on JNET.

1 Feb 2016 8shanrahan

So I got second place playing this deck, but I replaced the cerebral static with CVS. I regret not having the cerbral static against Hayley Chameleon. I'd never played against that deck before, and I did not play well against it, or win enough psi games to make up for it.

That being said, I interns back a CVS against against a ProCo Kate, and was able to use it to purge viruses mid-run, allowing Assassin to fire to end an R&D dig that would have lost me the game.

I'm gonna cut one pad and put the cerbral static back in. Not sure what I'll do with the second PAD. Congrats Josh, you brought the best decks and you were definitely the best player.

2 Feb 2016 Four_Leaf

@spags you don't like a nice 50 minute whole foods meal? I love games that take the entire day

2 Feb 2016 sruman

What are your thoughts on Ichi 1.0 over Eli ? They both cost the same influence and it would ichi 1.0 is more effective out-ice for an RP server.

2 Feb 2016 josh01

sure, ichi 1 isn't bad, but it costs more than eli, doesn't etr, and is typically cheaper to break. not a bad play though

9 Feb 2016 tzeentchling

Thoughts on swapping the GFI for a second NAPD and a Chronos Project? Possibly a meta call, and you need to cut another card. Maybe a PAD. I dislike playing GFI in decks that have other 5/3s in them anyway, even if they are harder to steal than normal.

9 Feb 2016 AsteriskCGY

I can agree that I did run into the situation that two of my Nisei's got stolen and with the prospect of the third one being lost would have required two 5 agendas to be scored.

9 Feb 2016 josh01

9 agendas is a lot worse than 8 for a number of reasons including but not limited to more card slots, lower agenda density, more average accesses required to win for the Runner, less time/money spent scoring for you, and it has the benefit of requiring the runner to steal TFP to win if you ever score two non-TFP agendas