Old Hollywood Grid Taxes 2.0

Redino987 162

So this deck is meant to work with Old Hollywood Grid making all the agendas impossible to steal. The tax from Gagarin Deep Space: Expanding the Horizon makes checking remotes a pain for the runner and the Encryption Protocol make it even more difficult to get rid of some naked assets. PAD Campaign can sit in a naked remote with 1 credit to access and 7 to trash and no one will run it.

Space Camp traps the runner when they run HQ or archives and allows you to put lots of advancement counters on ice like Hadrian's Wall or Ice Wall or even agendas

The scoring server ends up being Hadrian's Wall, #wormhole , #excalibur , and #tourguide , with Old Hollywood Grid making the agendas even harder to steal.

This iteration of the deck works much better than previous versions, and I have taken the advice of people who posted comments on Reddit and on my version 1.0 to make these improvements but I want this deck to work even better. Please give me any advice you can offer

V2.1. Remove: 1 oaktown renovation, 3 space camp. Add: 2 contract killer, 1 diversified portfolio, 1 Glenn station

1 Feb 2016 eedok

doesn't film critic just completely destroy this?

1 Feb 2016 Eji1700
  1. Maybe consider Glenn station as a 4/2 one of instead of double oaktown? It's obviously no where near as strong, but it does let you do things like ditch your agendas until they're safe to score.

  2. With such a low agenda density I don't totally see why they'd run your archives, and thus I'm not sure why influence is being spent on crick. There's probably better ways to spend your influence.

  3. Imp and Film critic really really hurt. Imp can sorta be handled with a cyberdex to help make them cautious, but film critic is so bad for this deck I feel like you need to run corporate town or contract killer.

  4. Not really feeling space camp? I love the card but i've only found it to really get value if you can get them to run archives and eat the tokens more than once, which again I'm not sure why they'd bother?

  5. Maybe launch campaign? It's pretty awesome econ when trash costs start going up.

2 Feb 2016 Redino987

@eedok Film Critic destroys my deck. Luckily I haven't had too many people play it, which is odd.

@Eji1700 thank you for all your points!

  1. Now that I need that 7th agenda, Glenn Station is a great idea, and will be implemented.

    1. People check archives cause I often leave face down cards in there, drawing over my hand size and dumping agendas and Space Camp protected by Jackson Howard. They also get frustrated that they haven't seen any agendas and figure that they might as well check. #crick is nice because it can recur my trashed assets. I dont mind the influence spent, it costs a lot to break for many ice breakers, so it supports the taxing theme of the deck.

3 & 4. I use space camp as a deterrent to running archives. They run hq and see one or two and dont run there often anymore, so I dump them in archives and get extra protection. But, I might drop them for 2 Contract Killer. It takes care of Film Critic beautifully.

  1. I dont know what to replace for Launch Campaign, its nice bit nothing jumps out as needing to be replaced (aside from the space camp which is already becoming contract killer) maybe ill take out the Punitive Counterstrikes and put Launch Campaign in.