Smooth Criminal - Eternal Games SC *1st* Place

Icecreamcollege 10

This is a pretty standard noise deck, get your draw and pancakes up, get Aesop's going with daily casts, and make the corp rez ice that will be trashed in a few turns. And if you want value, grimoire gives you more options and better viruses.

This deck is a little different from kiv's most wanted noise grimshop deck -

All i did was put in two clone chips and added a peddler (getting rid of a dirty laundry, ive had worse, and clot) and I will say that I'm going to miss the chips because it gives you so many options against fast advance, and lets you check any ice as long as you kept some datasucker tokens to kill and get a free card in archives.

And with that, go out there and may your mills be juicy and feed the imps.