It's Time to Play a Game - Eternal Games SC *1st* Place

Icecreamcollege 10

I have a lot of love for this identity, forcing the runner into difficult situations and making them play a psi game while also having a steady amount of money when you get set up is so much fun to pull off. Psi games are a big part of this deck but you also have to be smart about your scoring window and your ice placement. I could go on and on about this identity and i'm excited where it will end up in a post MWL world.

This deck is a tad different from Dan D'argenio's Not Grails deck -

All I did was switch out the 2 pads for 2 Daily Business Shows, and wow those did help a lot when I was looking for a certain card, and since they are 4 to trash you can leave them out with almost no resistance (wish that was the same for sundew). And I swapped one lotus field for a tollbooth that didn't see a lot of play in the tournament but it was a nice surprise against one of my opponents and will most likely protect a server just by itself.

In summary I'm super proud of this deck, there were some close games but those are the best when it's just you, the runner, and a foxy lady named caprice.