Redguard Reina, Run Amok

Stonar 301

When I saw Run Amok, I thought "Wow, that's a great card, it's basically a Blacklist that you don't need Bad Pub for!" Then, I thought "Holy cow, if I added Snitch and Blackguard to that, it would mean they HAVE to trash it and pay for it. Reina would love this combo."

On to the thing I like about this deck:

Rock-solid econ. Account Siphon, Sure Gamble, Daily Casts, Kati Jones, Liberated Account, Career Fair. You'll have no problem getting enough credits (Even for Blackguard.)

Ice trashing. Forked, Knifed, Spooned, Run Amok, Same Old Thing. If you pull it all off, the corp will be down 9 ICE.

Early-game pressure. Lamprey, Vamp, Reina, Rook, Run Amok can all apply great early pressure and contest early scores.

And, the coup de grace: Blackguard + Snitch + Run Amok. With Blackguard and Snitch online, Run Amok essentially says "Force the corp to rez an ice, then trash it." It's honestly quite crippling. Headlock Reina can have such problems keeping up late game, but this combo makes her a force to be reckoned with. Heck, install a Rook, force a rez on a central, and you can pull enough credits out of a corp that you can sail into a remote with no problem.

My big problem with this deck (and something I'd love a little input on): It's three cards too big. I think that Corroder, Yog.0, and Mimic are needed to deal with Wraparound, turing, and Swordsman. Rook is so good late, and a great answer to Architect, and Lamprey is almost needed 3x to keep the economic pressure on HQ. I can't bring myself to cut Xanadu from a Reina deck, and cutlery gives me an answer to ICE that manages to get rezzed. My current thoughts are -1 Vamp, -1 Daily Casts, -1 Rook, but I'm just not sure.

1 Feb 2016 forktines

I had the same thought when I saw Run Amok and made a deck quite similar to this. I've found that DDOS works quite well with it. It gets you easy and early Keyholes and makes it easier to get into deeper servers. Plus its another solid Career fair target.

5 Feb 2016 Meristem

I'm always of the mind that 46 cards is acceptable. It might be possible to go -1 Rook and -1 Lamprey, though that hurts pieces that will already be trashed. Since you have Same Old Thing, why not consider dropping 1 Run Amok and 1 Daily Casts?

5 Feb 2016 Stonar

I've been running -1 Vamp, -1 Daily Casts, -1 Rook, and it works pretty well. The Run Amoks tend to be very nice to have in hand, because you usually want the click compression to get back in on the same turn (or even run amok, same old thing to get past two ice.) The rooks are nice to have, but usually you can either keep them out, or they work as ice destruction when the corp overwrites one, in which case you need the next one less.

26 Feb 2016 TheAntsAreBack

I like the combo of Blackguard, Snitch and Run Amok - is the idea simply to Run Amokon unrezzed ice, expose with Snitch, force the rez with Blackguard, jack out if it's nasty then finish the run by trashing the ice with Run Amok Cheers

15 Mar 2016 amavric

The Blackguard, Snitch and Run Amok combo is absolutely brilliant if you can set it up. In my play-testing that was the biggest problem: setting up.

The version I have been playing is out of . All the free draw ensures that you set up fast (with an added Wyldside/Pancackesdraw engine on top), and the two Levy's alongside three Déjà Vu's and three Same Old Thing's ensures that you can really spam the Run Amok's and cutlery (that's a whopping 27 possible Run Amok's). You also can make a pact with all the great draw power, and contest the early remotes. Swap the Keyhole with Mediums, and now once they're broke, or all their ICE has been trashed, you're easily seeing 8 cards off of R&D.

You don't play as hard of an econ-denial game (no Siphons), but money doesn't matter that much if you have two Mediums, and the Corp can't get any ICE up on R&D for longer than half a turn.

15 Mar 2016 SourSweet

Nice Combo ;)

28 Mar 2016 lajcik

Great idea on the combo, it looks like a lot of fun once you set up. I'm definitely going to try this.

I'd cut Account Siphon tho and run 3 copies of Prepaid VoicePAD - with so many run events you want to play repeatedly it will give you some leeway with your econ. Running one copy of Siphon means you'll hardly see it anyway without any draw engine.

@amavric I'd really like to see your version too. I'm having a hard time finding room for the pancake package :)