Multi Armand

DrMarodi 320

The Tech Lord is my pet criminal ID for a while now. I tried many versions but this one seems the most solid. Feels more shapery and this is kinda fun (for me at least).

  • Technical writer helps this low cost rig out tremendously and also gives a card draw.
  • Easy mark over Sure gamble because it is more versatile
  • Gang sing + HQ interface can be useful (in a non-jinteki matchup), to keep the pressure on the corp - the B&E suite is great for remote controll.
  • R&D interface over Maker's eye because it is more dependable and works with Technical writer.
  • Access to Globalsec is there in case you need to trash your Forger - the money should alwasy flow from those Contacts.
  • Corroder and Gordian makes the rig more stronger and in the late game they are essential.
  • Cache is a great in faction money card and again works with Technical writer.

I would like a third Clone but... MWL