PanchaBread Party (1st seed at Toronto Store Champ)

gloomy85 591

Endless money + endless cards. = endless unimpeded runs

My latest version of Beach Party/Game day deck. Faust supported by Panchatantra/Gingerbread can get you through anything.

Adjusted Chronotype and Gene Conditioning Shoppe so I can have two beach parties in play without losing clicks. It feels good when you can Game Day for +10 cards.

The deck also includes some tech cards such as Hunting Grounds/Film Critic to make life easier in certain matchups.

The deck is very fun to play. It is fast but you need to spend your cards/clicks wisely. There are some interesting decision to make. Do I break the ice with Gingerbread or Faust? Do I toss the money cards to Faust or spend the clicks to play it to pay for Gingerbread?

And Yes I know that I am not really taking advantage of Jesminder's ability but the other shaper ID also doesn't really do much for the deck.

7 Feb 2016 solendor

Why the Gene Conditioning Shoppe? Double Beach Party?

7 Feb 2016 TKO

that's what I was wondering. there's no other lose a click cards in the deck. you don't end up with 5 clicks with pancakes and beach party out. the trigger condition (lose a click) has to be met twice for the gene shoppe to do anything.

7 Feb 2016 gloomy85

@solendor @TKO Thanks for the comment. Yes the Gene Conditioning Shoppe is for double Beach Party. It really help to replenish you cards after feeding it all to Faust

7 Feb 2016 tilindir

I think that breaker suit is quite fragile without Clone Chips, and rigshooters (esp. those with Marcus Batty or Keegan Lane) can be real issue. Maybe it's worth it to suit some?

Also there is great anti-News Team hate hard in Kala Ghoda, Artist Colony. Surely is great if your meta is yellow.

7 Feb 2016 Wookieeofdoom

I just tried this on It is fun!

8 Feb 2016 turkishvancat

How do you deal with Komainu?

8 Feb 2016 samhevrin

@turkishvancat Hunting Grounds

8 Feb 2016 M1ke

@turkishvancat: Step 1: Lie down. Step 2: Try not to cry. Step 3: Cry a lot.

8 Feb 2016 BagOfHolding

This deck is utterly nuts! loving it!

8 Feb 2016 turkishvancat

Ah, of course, for some reason I was only focusing on the Tollbooth interaction. I was trying to slot a Faerie with a few Sacrificial Constructs, which also protects against normal program destruction, but Hunting Grounds deals with Komainu every single turn, and for less influence, albeit in a non-tutorable way.

Do you think it's worth it to throw in a one-of Net Ready Eyes? I still see a lot of 3 strength ice like Architect that would be annoying to repeatedly break with either of those breakers.

8 Feb 2016 aero

Nice. You could totally go out of Chaos Theory with something like -1 SOT -1 Maya -2 Daily Casts.

8 Feb 2016 gloomy85

Thanks for the comments guys.

@turkishvancat I never tried Net Ready Eyes. I think it could be good addition. On the other hand, it will be hard to find space to fit it in and I never have problem breaking str 3 or odd str ice. In most cases, I just power through them.

@aero I tried the Chaos Theory: W√ľnderkind but I keep on going back and forth. CT give you more consistency to setup but the -5 cards hurts in the long game. Jesminder Sareen: Girl Behind the Curtain is nice to just ignore one Gutenberg or don't have to shake off Data Raven tag. I guess it really depend on your meta.

9 Feb 2016 BagOfHolding

@gloomy85with the speed this deck goes through the stack, does it need a cut to add in Net Ready eyes? or maybe even a couple of The Personal Touch instead?

9 Feb 2016 ZadokDJ

I tried a similar build using the Gingerbread and Panchantra combo - quickly discovered once the Corp gets to more than 3 ICE on a server - Ginger bread becomes useless (on that server).

Has Faust helped with that? or have you not had chance against a Glacier built Corp?

9 Feb 2016 JamesG

I am trying gingerbread + pancha in a different shell ( proco diesel siphon and events spam) and it works really well. However, you should find space for 1 barrier ( maybe Lady, maybe inti), because otherwise wraparound hurts Secondly, have you considered NRE or datasucker support? With maya you have space for 1 faust, 1 gingerbread, 2 panchas and 2 suckers which seems just an amazing rig to me

9 Feb 2016 jage

I played this a lot last night, it was a lot of fun. I enjoyed drawing 15 cards for two clicks and a credit with Game Day.

@gloomy85, I didn't actually hit a Komainu because I was burying them on the bottom of RnD when I played Jinteki, but I was worried about it. I didn't even realize Hunting Grounds would prevent it. That makes me a lot more comfortable with this deck.

We do have an extra memory slot even fully rigged (6 memory, while Faust, Gingerbread, and three Panchatantra only uses 5. Maybe I could add in a fracter like Snowball just to prevent the 7-strength Wraparound. Have you noticed any other problem ice?

Have you thought about a one-off of e3 Feedback Implants? It helps with ice with many subs, and helps keep cards around longer. I kind of wish we could remove the double-event economy and replace it with something else. I'll have to think about it.

9 Feb 2016 jage

Maybe I'll throw in some Kati Jones, remove the double event econ, throw in e3 Feedback Implants, and give it a try.

9 Feb 2016 gloomy85

@BagOfHolding I guess you're right. I will try Net-Ready Eyes as the 46th cards and see how it goes. I usually don't like to have more than 45 cards in a runner deck.

@JamesG @jage I don't find any ICE too troubling to break if I can ignore 1 Komainu. Those are nightmare for this deck.

I use Faust to break most things. Gingerbread will take care Swordsman and Turing.

Faust can break Wraparound with 1 card if you name "Fracter" on them with Panchatantra.

Ideally, Faust takes care of binary ice and even str ICE. Gingerbread will take care of ICE with lots subroutines and ICE that are 5 str. Higher str ICE are a toss up.

9 Feb 2016 jage

@gloomy85 Oh, yeah, I didn't even think to give Wraparound the "Fracter" sub-type. Thanks.

So, if someone places a double-Komainu on a server, do you then just basically ignore that server unless it's must-win and there's nothing else available? I guess the decks running double-Komainu are pretty rare, and if you can get RnD access you can probably try to bury them with Maya. That's how I dealt with it.

9 Feb 2016 gloomy85

@jage Yeah you got it. That's the game plan!

19 Feb 2016 MephistophelesX

Hy,@gloomy85, I am playing a similiar rig in a Hayley, with all your double events i recommend a Starlight Crusade Funding and drop one of the Beach Partys. This gets Tempo up A LOT, i also have seen that that your final rig only consumes 5 MU. You might wanna think about dropping Maya and adding a Comet for speed. Altough you loose the Maya-Utility ;). Of course these are all just ideas, tell me if you pick one of them up, would be interested how good it works :).

12 Mar 2016 hat_hair

I thought this deck was pretty great, so I took it to a small 15 person Store Champs and won. Cool deck, might stick with it for a little while.

25 Apr 2016 jgoahl

Can you legally give wraparound the fracter subtype even though fracter is not an ice subtype?

25 Apr 2016 solendor

@jgoahl You can! You can give the ICE any subtype you want, it doesn't have to be an ICE subtype. I can't find the ruling atm, but it's not restricted to ICE subtypes.

22 Jun 2016 killj0y

Just thinking that since Jasminder isn't really doing anything in the deck you could drop one of the adjusted chronotypes and switch to Professor. Most of your other influence splash is 1 ofs. That would allow for a larger deck size and the ability to splash even more unusual stuff that you might not have accounted for.