24/7 Haarpsichord - 1st Place, Gameology Store Champs

Manticore 125

You know it, you love it, it isn't anything new - this deck went undefeated in 5 rounds of Swiss and 2-1 after the cut to take 1st Place at the Gameology Store Championship (34 players) yesterday in Montclair, CA, flatlining Chaos Theory, Val, Kit, MaxX, Noise, Ken Tenma (twice, vs. 2nd place finisher Ben Kamm), and losing to Leela.

There's not much to say about it. Faust hates Little Engine, shout-out to @sirris for suggesting Anonymous Tip to help find pieces once we had to cut the third Scorch. I'd rest easier if there was room for Shattered Remains. You could maybe cut Closed Accounts or SanSan City Grid to make room (and just be at 14 inf.) but it's hard to say for certain; all three are high impact cards that seldom get used.

Thanks again to all my opponents for great games all day! Also thanks to the many people who've posted versions of this deck in the past; I'm sure this is cribbed from a lot of y'all.

8 Feb 2016 ZeroCool

Hey dude, our game was short (I was the Noise player in top 8) but I'm glad to see you ended up taking the whole thing and Ben grabbing second!

9 Feb 2016 Manticore

@ZeroCool Thanks! It was great you came down and I hope I'll see you again for Regionals :)