LynxMegaCorp 1336

Revisiting 'The Flash Wears Yellow' in a post-D&D/MWL world. The idea is simple and straightforward. Draw cards, gain econ. Protect against Siphon / R&D lock (if needed) and protect a Museum with any ice to recur econ. Definitely could use some work, but so far test draws on here have been quite exciting.

The main victory route is to Psycho 2 agendas at best; Vanity + Hades, Vanity + PSF + 15 Minutes or 2x Vanity. Having to Midseasons for a small amount of tags (6, do a few more against Runners with econ options) means the overall combo is cheaper.

Fun fact: Psycho a PSF to crush the runner all the while gleefully whistling your favorite game show tune. It'll unnerve the Runner quite a bit.

Potential includes: The All-Seeing I, Information Overload, Reversed Accounts, switch Traffic Accident for Green Level Clearance. Plenty of ways to switch things up here!

(Not tested, but please feel free to after making changes you deem necessary and give feedback.)

8 Feb 2016 LynxMegaCorp

I'd personally go with The Price is Right. Just feels right.

8 Feb 2016 afishisborn

Are you not worried about such porous ice? My experience with yellow is limited, so my worries may be unfounded.

8 Feb 2016 afishisborn

Alternatively, I've been playing too much Quetzal: Free Spirit, so I may be underestimating how taxing Resistor can get.

8 Feb 2016 LynxMegaCorp

Outside of Quetzal, Resistor is a nightmare. For free, you tax 1 credit with all Fracters / 1 Lady counter. Otherwise, its 3-4 credits minimum on trace. With Parasite becoming more precious, it'll be hard for the Runner to decide which ice to take down, as they are all taxing. Increased draw means you find ice faster, and Jackson / Museum means you can recur them. Resistor falls only to D4vid after Midseasons hits, taxing other fracters heavily. The low Agenda density makes porous ice rather safe.

This deck ignores Apocalypse, relatively easily handles Account Siphon (can come back with Sweeps, punishes tag floaters with Traffic / Resistor / Psycho) and only truly fears R&D digs, to which increased Cyberdex can help (as can shuffling it back in).

What makes me feel good about this deck is that it seems to answer a lot of Runner threats fairly well. Of course, meta-dependent changes should be made.

8 Feb 2016 Saan

It feels like cutting most of the economy of Flash while also not taxing the runner much is a bad idea. I know the original deck wasn't exactly taxing, but it had econ cards for days. At first glance, I kind of think that the economy lost to the Museum inclusion is greater than what the Museum is going to give you back. Since all the ice sucks, the runner is just going to go trash Museum as soon as it's rezzed, so I honestly don't think it'll do much.

As for playing it in the current meta, it feels like the deck just folds to Parasite/Medium since there's only 1 Cyberdex and Anarch is running rampant right now. Add that to the issue that if you can't land a Midseason's you literally can't win the game, and I don't think this deck has much of a chance.

8 Feb 2016 LynxMegaCorp

Perhaps small decks are not the way to go with Museum? I'm going to make it top-tier somehow. And not in IG!

8 Feb 2016 Ralphus1701

You know where Museum is broken? Hard Glacier Blue Sun: Powering the Future with Security Subcontract to sell out the cheap ICE to fuel the Fat ICE and just cycle them back into the deck to fluff RnD incase of dig.