DJ MaXXberry (1st Place, Undefeated, Black Moon Games SC)

DarlingSensei 93

In an archetype where names change daily, I present the latest iteration of Devil's Food Cakes MaxX, DJ MaxXberry. I really liked the Wyldberry pancakes name, but wanted to put a new "spin" on it. My main influences were Maximum Punk Bach and Wyldberry pancakes.


My first shot at the deck used grimoire as the console, medium, and MaxXimum parasites. After my friend and play test partner repeatedly trashed me by recurring CVS, he asked, "Why not Noise?" I had no answer to that and decided that MaxX warranted fewer viruses and more burst cards that play to her strengths. Maker's Eye became the R&D pressure and cutlery became the ice destruction.


There has been some debate in this archetype over the correct economy cards. My vote is for dirty laundry. It helps burst up to liberated money, charge datasucker, and turn a fistful of cards into real money that you desperately need. Kati overtaxes your limited clicks, queen's gambit it too dangerous, and data folding is both slow and turns off easily with my play style.


I could not bring myself to spend two influence on Zu when yog is both one fewer and much more efficient. It deals with turing on a central as your decoder should and leaves influence for a parasite to do the same. Using Zu on ice yog can't break is most likely not worth the money.


Most decks with two levy seems to be gradually cutting recursion cards. I found that three same old thing and one alternate recursion card was sufficient with two levy, but I did not test against much PE. The choice comes down to Retrieval Run or Déjà Vu and I chose retrieval run. Deja is good if you're itching for some pancakes or a night out, but I found that there were many times when I needed to find a key program right away. Retrieval run does that while getting you a non-trivial sucker counter on an archives with CVS in it. I also enjoy the yog discount.

Match ups:

My area is mostly Foodcoats and NEH, but I did run into an RP on the day.

Food Coats

HB is about knowing which ice to be afraid of and when. All of their options are very taxing on faust, but easy to beat with the appropriate cutlery. Pressure often and make them rez ice so you can plan how to best melt it. The hardest part of this match up for me tends to be when they can stick a campaign for a turn or two behind an ice I can't break. If they do turtle up and make money, be aware that HQ is probably ready for a legwork.


Turntable is your best friend here. Poke and prod where needed but try not to hit an archangel or a gutenburg when it will slow you down too much. Wait for them to score an astro, then slam down a turntable and take it away with a maker's or legwork. You need to close the game quickly against kill decks because you have not had worse when your stack is empty. Avoid leaving an empty stack against a kill deck.


They have some nasty sentries, so try to find mimic early if you can. It's tempting to leave the mental health clinics in the early game to get the extra hand size, but you'd really rather they be poor. You can try to leverage pups into free I've Had Worse draws if you find yourself with a sub par hand.

Blue Sun

I didn't play it on the day, but it's always been a pet deck of mine. Find D4vid ASAP and try not to let them get any OAI curtain walls. Punish them for leaving ice out with the appropriate cutlery and watch out for archer!

Faust is very strong right now but not unbeatable. Know the ice that gives you a hard time and have a way to get rid of it.

8 Feb 2016 herr.Connoisseur

Loving your card choices (especially Scrubber being in there to add on the ice destruction punishment). Just curious though, why 45 cards instead of 47? For more reliability in drawing the cards you need?

8 Feb 2016 Vorpalgens

Your decks should be up shortly on Stimhack... Sent them yesterday Thx again for making the trip & congrats on your win! - Carlo

9 Feb 2016 DarlingSensei

@herr.Connoisseur I've never been a fan of going over 45. I think it only works in a deck like PP Kate where you draw your deck AND have reliable tutoring. I want the best possible chance of sure gamble in my opener and career fair for my resources.

9 Feb 2016 gumonshoe

Great deck. ;)

But seriously, happy you were able to find a happy medium and have some success with the deck.

Couldn't agree more on the zu issue; I liked it at first, but it's not necessary. Yog & parasite just do a better job and help out in the other matchups more. Yog especially for these weird 3 crick RP decks that also run enigma.

I also agree on the dirty laundry. As for the multiaccess and low virus count I think its smart and dependent on your meta and play style. I doubled up on medium to see it sooner; I don't mind giving the corp another vector they have to fight me on. But being unassailable has its advantages too.

Again, congrats and thanks for the contribution to the archetype.

10 Feb 2016 mittens

This deck was brutal to play against. I am not surprised it went 4-0.

Legwork is definitely worth it's weight in influence, especially with all the yellow running around. I felt like I was on the back foot in our game, but that legwork was the nail in the coffin.

10 Feb 2016 podoboyz99

Oh boy! I sometimes feel like I'm on an island when I say one Makes Eye is enough R&D pressure in this deck. Now somebody elsse has done it, so its legit.

You are defiantly correct on the ZU vs Yog call. I liked the flexibility, but there is a reason Yog got put on the MWL. It's good.

10 Feb 2016 DarlingSensei

@podoboyz99 I found medium very tough to use with this list. Running R&D multiple times per turn is tough with your breakers/resources unless you melt the ice first. I found it hard to get the 3 accesses out of medium before they purged or made R&D prohibitively expensive. Looks great in those new Whizzard lists as he has the money to trash on digs and the ice melting capacity to open R&D.

10 Feb 2016 phette23

Almost exactly where I'm at with the archetype these days. Congrats on the win, and with somehow getting down to 45 cards :)