Shut Up and Take My Money! 54 Card Variant

CactusJack 117

This is the 54 card variant that I created.

Why 54? To see how well Museum of History works at returning the all too precious advertisements.

The first version of this deck was used in a league tournament, and that tournament revealed a serious weakness: this deck can't survive the long game. Once a runner is able to get their rig setup, and if they have good flow, then the abilities on the ICE become a minor inconvenience. Now this deck has been re-tooled to go more fast advance.

Archer has been added, replacing 2 Datapike in order to add some much needed "teeth" to this deck. Archangel has been replaced for Mother Goddess, adding +1 advertisement. Archangel didn't see much use in any of the games I played in, so I don't think this will change much.

Sweeps Week are back for . And Global Food Initiative are in to make this a score 4 for the runner, no matter what. NAPD Contract was OK, but again, 4 for an agenda is always worth it. Rebranding Team could be good in this deck, but 4/2 agendas feel too risky. Scoring windows can be very small.