Choo Choo Train

ila 445

Bonus points if you know what the name is referencing.

About the deck, Faust is kind of a good card. It's no soybeef taco or anything, but it's good. The rest of the deck? Oh yeah, we need 44 other cards. Well, Levy means you can Faust more, and there are some good Shaper draw effects in here as well, including the man himself.

As efficient as Faust is, you might not be using as much as you think, once you've Test Run Scavenged your other breakers. Bonus points if you scavenge from the trash, you are Exile after all.

So what's all this chess stuff about? Well, once you have it set up your runs will get you cards and credits so you can keep running forever. It's a beautiful synergy with Faust and Technical Writer.

Tokimeki o hakobu yo Astro train!

9 Feb 2016 moioioi

99 Okamura approves your Exile reference

9 Feb 2016 ila

Haha thanks moioioi! Your name reminds me of something I heard in a maid cafe once. Moi moi kyuuuun. Oh god, did I just admit I've been to a maid cafe? I swear it was just for laughs!

9 Feb 2016 ila

Actually that was moe moe kyuuun. My otaku Japanese is rusty.