24/7 Argus Rush/Kill (Top 8 - Realms of Gaming)

WayneMcPain 413

This deck went 3-2 at the Realms of Gaming Store Championship on Feb. 6th in St. Louis, MO, landing me in 8th place along with my Adam deck. Argus made crispy bits of Gabe, Haley and Noise in the Swiss rounds. Two of those kills were 24/7 News Cycle combos, the other was an IAA Posted Bounty into double Scorched Earth. It lost to a Haley/Chameleon/Tech Writer deck that invalidated all my ICE, making it impossible to rush out agendas (If I had seen an Archer earlier, I probably could have scored out as it took many turns for him to find that last LLDS). My other loss was to Ken Tenma in elimination due to some intense tilt and misplays. (At one point, he floated Siphon tags and I had Scorch in hand, but ended up being one credit short from ending the game.)

Overall, the deck performed very well and it was really fun to pilot. I almost cut 24/7, thinking it was far too combo-y, but I'm glad I didn't. It was MVP. My biggest disappointment was Ghost Branch. Such an underwhelming card in this deck. Every time I installed it, I wished it was an agenda instead. I would probably replace it with a more high impact trap, perhaps Project Junebug.

The tournament was fantastic, all of my opponents were wonderful people and great sports. My goal was to place in the Top 8 with my janky decks and I reached that goal. Couldn't be happier. Special thanks to Bobby Picker for organizing the event.

10 Feb 2016 x3r0h0ur

You could swap out the ghost for a casting call and a GRNDL or something.

10 Feb 2016 WayneMcPain

Casting Call is a good choice, but I really don't like singleton combo cards. I'd probably want another copy and build around it more (maybe with Dedication Ceremony). GRNDL Refinery was in the original decklist, but I didn't like it very much. Economy wise, Melange Mining Corp. does what I need better, and without much punishing ICE to drag the runner through (except for Archer), it isn't that great for baiting runs. I just found it to be really clunky. I'd rather include a Contract Killer or Corporate Town over GRNDL.

Thanks for the suggestions!