I, Bioroid (Top 8 - Realms of Gaming)

WayneMcPain 413

This is my Adam deck I took alongside Argus to take 8th place out of 32 at the Realms of Gaming Store Championship on Feb. 6th in St. Louis, MO. Adam went 2-3, with all three losses being very close games (twice sitting on 6 points). It won against GRNDL and New Angeles Sol. Lost against an HB Foodcoats deck due to a misplay not running what I was convinced was not an agenda, when in fact it was. Also lost against the same NEH Fastrobiotics deck twice, both times getting locked out at 6 points and not being able to close the game (second game, scored an early 15 minutes. Would have won if it were anything else. :/ sad Adam.)

This deck definitely needs a lot of improvement. I love Adam, but he is really difficult to build. I tried to go for the "synergize with as much in faction as possible" approach. Drug Dealer and Safety First along with Dr. Lovegood is an amazing, cheap draw engine. Scrubber is one of the best single influence cards you can include and synergizes well with Neutralize All Threats. I included bootable breakers that can take advantage of Multithreader. Street Peddler is pretty great here as I'm not very event heavy.

Now let's talk about things that didn't work. Employee Strike was a dud and should've been Career Fair. It just never was drawn early enough to make a big difference, and I needed money more than I needed to deny the Corp. It's a card that looks so good on paper, but is just too situational to include.

R&D Interface needed to be The Maker's Eye. I couldn't afford to run on R&D consistently enough to make it worth it and the install cost was too much of a tempo hit. Makers could have won me those NEH matchups.

Overmind seems so good in Adam, but it's just too damn expensive and always get a installed after other programs, yet before I can get Brain Chip going. Ugh. I wish it worked, because influence is a bitch, but it just doesn't.

Faust. I don't like this card. It was supposed to be a backup breaker due to so many games ending where I just needed one agenda and I had 12 cards in hand, but no money. But what ends up happening is you see it early, install it because you need accesses and then you use only Faust all game and discard all your great cards at breakneck pace. Faust has to be built around and I don't want to make a Faust deck. Therefor, it was a bad choice.

Sneakdoor Beta is amazing in Adam and I will never make an Adam deck without one. MVP for sure.

Overall, I wasn't disappointed with Adam's performance, but I definitely think he needs some work. I was the only one to bring him and he gave every Corp he played against a run for their money. Totally worth it.

My goal was to get in the Top 8 with my janky decks and I came in 8th, so it was a success for me. Great tournament and great people. Hope this inspires others to build Adam. He is super powerful and just a little time and cards away from being Tier 1.