Twin Coats Shop

gumonshoe 2973

Twin Coats Shop is the customer friendly facing storefront to the evil Twin Creating Foundry out back on the moon. In the Foundry we rigorously break twin children with corroder and yog until they develop psychic powers. Then we use them to guard the servers and future experiments on children. Its a self sustaining system. Organic farmers of today would be proud.

Really what this deck is, is a smart left turn for foodcoats given the MWL. Caprice gets replaced by The twins, we switch to an id that lets us lock up servers faster and get campaigns running earlier, and then we slam on the gas.

Advanced Concept Hopper replaces our ETF ability, letting us get money every round. BBG sticks around, but we keep a lower economy entry point with pad which we can protect if we have to. You might go -2 pad, +1 eve, +1 BBG. That'd probably fine.

Scoring patterns are pretty similar to what your used to. Create a server that's really hard to get into. NA some stuff with your 3/2's. If a window opens up go for a 4/2 or a 5/3.

The final score (possibly the last 2 scores) will likely be done with Twins for support. The general idea is that you want a tollbooth, an assassin, and something else on the remote. Ichi if possible. And you should have a copy or two in deck or in hand. And, an overscored vitruvius if possible (though this is just salt).

When the runner comes at you, you make them encounter the most painful ice twice. You push the tax into the ice as much as possible. If you've got vitruvius counters, you can get your ice back and force multiple twins encounters to bankrupt and/or ruin the runner. On something like Ichi or Assassin they have no chance to jack out, so complete rig destruction & or death is a possibility with good planning. But, sometimes its enough just to require them to get through 3 tollbooths, if they aren't on gordian or are poor this option is probably good enough.

Once you've defeated the runner, score to win.

Managing Weaknesses

Parasite & Next Ice. This is a weakness, if you do it right you can shuffle next ice back in with jackson and keep fetching them everytime one gets parasited. Its not necessarily a winning strategy, but its a delay that tends to work until "stuff" comes together. Decks without parasite are really really weak to silver, though. So, force people to play parasite and at least they'll have less tricks on the whole.

R&D density. The unfortunate fact about playing the foundry is that its really easy to have a lot of ice and this means that R&D is going to get dense and be rich for access. This means a few things about game play:

  1. You have to score. Get your economy going, but if you have an opportunity to score, you'd better do it.

  2. Fetching ice with your ability shouldn't just be done because you feel like it. Fetch ice only because its going to make your longer game better or it's going to help at this moment. Buffering a hand with an agenda up to 6 before access is pretty cool. Using the ability while you ABT to prevent bad mills is pretty cool. Combining the ability with the Twins is pretty cool. And, at the very beginning of the game using the ability to protect campaigns and in turn fetch ice to protect centrals is pretty good. Outside of those conditions though you need to see a ton of value to use your id ability. QUALITY not QUANTITY.

Also, this means reasonably protecting R&D and making the tax expensive is a good idea. If you score fast enough agenda density in HQ should be pretty low, so a focus on R&D icing is probably correct.

  1. D4 & Faust - These aren't an explicit weakness of this deck. You've got decent enough ice to deal with them, but it means paying attention to how you arrange your stuff and forcing the tax high enough that these highly efficient pieces can't get in all of the time. D4 & Faust are really good though, its going to be hard to beat them.

  2. Siphon - There's very little siphon protection in this deck. You could try staying low in economy and just rezzing campaigns, but then you won't be able to protect them and they'll probably get trashed. Make HQ expensive to run so that they have less cash, 3 or 4 deep. Over score a vitruvius so that you can use your hedge funds or campaigns again and get ready for a long game. R&D is going to be weak to accesses, so you're going to have to be very smart and lucky to succeed.