Opus Andy - Post-MWL v0.3

Trilkin 40

The deck tweaking continues. After a conversation on Slack, I've made the following changes to see if I can speed up the draw of this deck and allow Opus to be used to its full potential.

-2 Fisk Investment Seminar: From 3 to 1. The point in the game you'd actually want to use this tends to be fairly late so not seeing Fisk early actually ends up being a good thing in favor of seeing cards we'd actually use.

-1 Corroder: This is a test to fit in a second Vamp. My mentality is that I can always Special Order it out or see it with all of the card draw I have.

-1 Magnum Opus: Opus actually really isn't needed in the early game, so reducing the chance Andy sees it in her hand in favor of things that would be beneficial earlier like, say, virtually any of her events would be a good thing.

-1 Planned Assault: This was a flex slot. The slot has changed.

+3 Earthrise Hotel: Since a lot of clicks are dedicated to Opus, click-free draw ends up being extremely important. I see why it was in the original deck in the first place.

+2 Vamp: Vamp and Opus economy go like bacon and... well, virtually everything else in the world. Bacon is awesome. Vamp is awesome.

The testing and tweaking continues. Please keep sending feedback! My girlfriend loves you and honestly, this is turning into a deck I'd play myself.