Offerpalooza (Gatekeeper SC Melb, Aus 13/2/16)

crushedguava 188

Tied for 1st after swiss in a 24 player 4-round cut-to-top-4 Store Champs, but got knocked out in the top cut immediately.

The world changed. People did not.

Final results were:

1) Offerpalooza with Rototurret (instead of Swordsman) / Two-Armed Ice Bandit (Whiz)

2) (One of the TWA guys) Offerpalooza with Rototurret / Noise

3) Offerpalooza/ Sahasrara Noise

4) (myself) Offerpalooza / Noise

Noise deck here:

This is card-for-card Calimsha's Bullshit NEH, but I'm renaming it to something more palatable.

Beat Maxx Apocalypse, Noise, Noise, then lost to the Two-Armed Bandit, before losing in top cut to Sahasrara Noise.

This deck is the bee's knees, with the ability to 'just win'. A notable play today was scoring Breaking News off a Sansan, then using Biotic Labor last click to trash Daily Casts and Aesop's, rendering the Noise broke.

Thinking about potentially going to 2 Turnpikes, 0 Swordsman, 3 Team Sponsorships, 3 Fast Tracks, 0 DBS.

13 Feb 2016 moioioi

Bad luck in the top 4 Jian. That biotic resource trash was brutal!

14 Feb 2016 SneakdoorMelb

Nice one Jian. So much of this on the day (including me). Great deck and you played it well.

14 Feb 2016 crushedguava

@moioioi``@SneakdoorMelb Thanks guys!

Oh and I tried the changes I suggested myself the next day and they were terrible XD. Don't do it.